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Question for Moms


My brother and SIL are hoping to come visit us this year... yay! The only  issue is they are thinking of coming in September. Now, all going well the doodlebug will have arrived and will be around 1 month old at the time of their visit. Since he/she will be in our room for the first while we still have the spare room for them, so no problems there.

My question is, how will the baby be at that age? I know all kids are different, but I'm wondering if we have a pram will the baby be happy being out during the day for long stretches of wandering around, or in the car for drives out to places of interest to take them? I'd really like for them to have a good time, and there are tons of things I'd like to show them. I am also aware that lack of sleep (for me) could be  factor.

So, does the timing sound OK? I know it's a while away, but just trying to be practical when thinking of things to do (they are of course more than capable/happy getting to things on their own, but I'd like to spend time with them).

 Any thoughts?




Re: Question for Moms

  • i will have a better idea for you in a few weeks, but i suppose your recovery will play a huge role in this, too. GL!!
  • Thanks! Good luck with your impending labour... hope it's as quick and pain-free as possible :)
  • at one month, Quint was the most mobile.  He would sleep anywhere and everywhere and loved his car seat/snap and go.  Sleeping at night still stunk but during the day we could go out, eat in a restaurant, go to activities.  We preferred the bjorn and I wore him everywhere for the first 6 months of his life!  GOOD LUCK.
  • It depends on your child and how you end up feeding. With J at that age, he slept lots all the time, and only woke up every 3 to 4 hours so I could go anywhere really. And with me breastfeeding, the food was always ready and warm.

    It will also depend on the type of labour you have. I had natural, but had second degree tears, so when J was a month old I was still sitting funny and wouldn't have been able to sit in a car for long. (C-section could be even a longer recovery)

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  • Gosh, there are just so many factors that you won't know until you have the baby that it is hard to say. If you have a totally normal labor and delivery you might be feeling just fine a month post partum, but if you have a c-section you will probably still be recovering (I think the recovery time there is usually at least 6 weeks, but I'm sure one of the women here who had one could give you more specifics about that). At one month I could go for walks but not really long walks or spend a whole day out without getting pretty tired. I could maybe do one day out but the next day I would have wanted to stay home. We started travelling at 5 weeks and that was fairly exhausting but do-able. Also, for baby you just won't know. They sleep most of the time at that age so you should be ok that way if the baby is happy to sleep in the car or in its buggy. If you are still trying to establish breastfeeding you might have to contend with that, but i'm not sure what your plans are for feeding.?

    Overall I would say it would be fine to have the visitors but you can't really plan ahead that much in terms of travel/trips because you have no idea what you will be up for until you have had the baby. ?

  • Thanks ladies! I know it will depend on a lot of factors that can't be foreseen... but great to get a general idea (esp. with people in the know).


    So glad I have this board for things like this!

  • I personally think even a month and a half or two months might be a bit better, but if things go well a month might be just fine.
  • Well, it depends on the baby, obviously. ?James is great for going out, but can have a bad feed if he's in public, so I try not to be out with him for more than 3 hours so we can get back to the house for his bottle. ?So, no, I wouldn't go on long trips with him unless I knew I would be in a place that was quiet-ish and calm to feed him. However, going out with him has been rather easy -- he usually just sleeps :)
  • Cesarean mum here. ?At a month pp, I would not have been able to sit in a car or train for long periods, but I still went out and did stuff. ?I would not have wanted to wander around all day, but we could go out to lunch and I could go grocery shopping, etc. ?We went to a christening up north which took up most of the day but was not a lot of walking around, and that was fine. ?At that age, D.L. basically napped every time we went out. ?In fact I remember a few times I woke her up because I was freaked out about her sleeping so long without eating.
  • Oh yeah, I should also say I had a c-section and would not have been able to be in a car long term at 1 month. ?I would take daily trips in and out of our village for the walk but if I had to walk for any period of time I would be in pain. ?Again, everyone's recovery is different but that was my experience.
  • I won't repeat c-section time frames, but I will say that at 1-2 months W was NOT mobile. He hated his car seat, his pram, pretty much everything (except for his bjorn). We kept perservering but for months car trips involved screaming and tears. He also needed to nurse every hour or so, so although I definitely kept going out (mostly around town, on walks with him to get him used to his stroller/pram), I often had to sit on park benches and feed. So that might be something to consider too, how comfortable you will feel feeding in public :) (I tell you, once you feed on the train platform at Kings Cross, nothing can phase you...) Big Smile
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  • at that age I don't think you'll have any problems at all (except being tired out yourself and not getting enough sleep probably).  Around that age your babe will just do lots of eating and sleeping and probably be very easy and mobile.  When Jane was that age she slept anytime we were in the stroller or in the car.   

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