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Why living abroad is a PITA - reason #400894

My mom just sent us an email saying that we won't be able to rent an infant car seat for our trip in July. Which means we have to buy one, even though we don't own a car. They've offered to buy it for us, which is really sweet.

Anyway, I wanted to get a car seat that can be fitted onto our Bugaboo Cameleon, since that way we would at least get some use out of it. Turns out this country is ridiculously backward, and hasn't approved any of the car seats that can be adapted to the Bug! So now I'm stuck... 

That and the fact that I can't seem to find a proper babystore anywhere near us, seems to be a bit of a problem. Why can't they just get a Babies R Us around here? It would make my life a million times easier.. 

Oh, and they haven't quite figured out that internet is the best way to disseminate information. I can't find any decent reviews of the car seats available in Australia, I can't find out where to buy car seats in Australia, and there's no list of the car seats that actually have been approved for use in Australia. 

*vent over*

Re: Why living abroad is a PITA - reason #400894

  • I'm sorry :(  Can you ask your midwife maybe?  I know it's not really their job, but they might be able to steer you in the right direction?
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  • Page Bugmommy on this board, I know she lurks still - she has 2 kids (a 1 year old she had in Australia and an almost 3 year old) and she has the Bugaboo and I know she would be able to help you!
    DS 02.10.2008 * DD 04.05.2011

  • Thanks ladies! So nice to see there are a few people on when I am :-)

    I wish I had a helpful Dr - but he's really not. He couldn't point me in the direction of any prenatal classes, etc. He's a typical male OBGYN, but I'm sort of stuck with him. 

    I'm not exactly sure why the AU gov't hasn't approved the maxi-cosi for use in Oz, since it consistently rates highly in the US and EU tests, but there you have it. I may have to cheat and see if I can get one anyway. Honestly, we won't be using it in a car very often, since we don't intend to get one for ages. So if I do have to get a car seat, I want one that I can use as a kind of rocking chair indoors, so I can at least get some use out of it. 

    The upside is that I called the hospital, and we're just allowed to take the baby home in a cab without a car seat. At least we don't have to worry about renting a car for several weeks around my due date. Always look for the bright side, right? 

  • The Peg Perego can also be used with the Bug, and also the Graco Snugride and Graco Infant seat. Do they sell any of those there?

    I would honestly be very nervous about taking a newborn home without a carseat in a cab, and we did take cabs without carseats a few times with Finn, but when he was a little older (ha, a couple of months vs brand new!). For some reason the newborn part would make me nervous!

    DS 02.10.2008 * DD 04.05.2011

  • Have you got any pamphlets yet?  Are you seeing a midwife, if you haven't got anything from them by the time I get back to work I can collect a heap for you and send them down.

    I am not sure if your trip with the car is in Aust or home?  But if it is in Aust then you can hire car seats really cheaply from the ambulance service, they will install it into your car for you too.  That is what alot of people do and something we will consider as well, also if you are hiring a car talk to them about wether they will hire one with a car seat.

    Maybe call your GP, they are often much more aware of these things than the OB's who are generally clueless!  You are lucky in Victoria you can still do the newborn in a cab, but in NSW it is against the law.

    Jakarta, Indonesia. imagePregnancy Ticker
  • I'm surprised you can't rent one, and I'm shocked the hospital would OK going seatless in a cab! ?There is just no way I'd be comfortable with that.

    As far as using the internet to disseminate information, I got a bit of a chuckle about that. ?Denmark is pretty good about putting everything online, but not so good at remembering their audience. ?They have whole sites devoted to things like foreigners settling in Denmark and taking Danish courses, and they're all in Danish. ?I've gotten letters from language schools about how I should take their classes, and they're all in Danish. ?Um, hello?!

    I hope you get your car seat sorted soon, and Australia starts treating you better!

  • that really stinks about the car seat. do they have for australians? they have a germany board, so check it out and see if they have Australia too. also, check ebay. i am sort of iffy on a used car seat, but if you only use it a couple times it would probably be safe. plus the small ones are only good for a year (or less) so it might not be worth spending a small fortune on something you'll use 3x.

    as for the prenatal classes, check with the hospital/birthing centers directly. that's basically where all the ones here are thru or they can at least point u in the right direction. heck, you could even go to the hospital and ask (or schedule) a midwife or nurse for a little info/tour??? they will know all that stuff.

    i feel ya on the BRU front. the german stores are alright, but after seeing the vast assortment of baby things in the US, it is kind of sad to have such a small choice. and of course you can't buy anything online from these stores. welcome to the 21st century??


  • Sorry you are having a hard time. Sounds like the other girls have given you lots of good advice and I hope you find what you need.

    At least if you have to look up something on a local product the information is in English. I once had to go looking up our water heater, and I could find it, but I couldn't find the information I really needed in the over 50 pages of documentation in Italian.

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