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I think I'm going to quit my job.

I know, I've only been here 7 weeks and in times like these I should be grateful to have a job, but I genuinely hate it.I cry in the evenings when I think about having to come in the next day, barely anyone speaks to me all day, my laptop doesn't work properly, my engineers are the most 'not-my-job' bunch of slackers I have ever met, I'm been wrist-slapped for asking my boss's boss for an org chart (she doesn't want anyone who is not a direct report contacting her) and my own boss is never here (and doesn't have an org chart).

Am I crazy for chucking it in? Or should I give it a bit longer?

Re: I think I'm going to quit my job.

  • Is that second job still on the table? ?If it is, and if I were in your position, I think I'd call them.
  • Sounds like an awful job to me.  Maybe give it another few weeks and then re-evaluate.  But if you are crying every night for two weeks more, then I'd chuck it if you can.
  • I'm so sorry.  We all have bad days at work, but the reduced-to-crying type jobs are the absolute worst.  So freakin' draining to go home feeling defeated after 8-10hr/day.  Been there and hated it.

    Admittedly, I don't know the market where you are, but any chance you could stay a couple more weeks while simultaneously doing a resume blast?  Personally, I hate the uncertainty of unemployment and so try to stick it out til I have something else in lined up.  But I also understand leaving if it's that bad.

    Whatever you decide, good luck.  Hope things improve.

  • is the other job still available? I am firmly in the camp where you shouldn't work somewhere that makes you that unhappy. That being said, in this economy it's so hard to find something which makes it more difficult.

    If you really are that miserable though (which it sounds like you are) I think it most important to take care of yourself whether that means quitting or trying to stay a bit longer.??I just remember you saying how hard it was for you not to have a job so it's kinda like what is the lesser of 2 evils??If you can jump right into the other job and you think you'd be happy there- go for it. Your mental health may thank you.

  • I don't know your whole story but I'm in the camp that you shouldn't work somewhere that makes you so unhappy. I've been in that position before and it effects everything you do so even after hours you can't escape work and that horrible dreadful feeling of going back.

    If you can afford not working for a few months (assuming the worst) then I say resign. Having a job you hate is just a waste of time in my opinion as you won't get anywhere career wise and all your free time is spent trying to cope.?

    what do you do? ?

  • If the second job is still available, is a good career move and pays roughly about the same - I'd move - if not then stay put for the time being - this economy isnt the time to get adventurous.  IMHO
  • thanks ladies, really helps to vent and I appreciate all feedback on this.I'm fully expecting someone to tell me to suck it up and think of all the people who are unemployed, which I was prior to joining here.

    I will phone about the other job that was available to me - I'm not sure it's better, but it's more in line with the technology that I know and the company would be more dynamic. It would also pay more. (I work in IT.)

    I'm sitting alone in the office right now - everyone else left ages ago. It's seriously the lonliest I have ever felt working in an office. But it's not bad enough that I would quit without something else to go to, I just know it's not long term for me.

  • I hope it turns out that the other job is available, or something else better than your current situation.
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  • I was in your shoes a year and a half ago, and quitting was the best thing I ever did. I was miserable for the whole two years I was there. Even my ILs said I was a much happier person after I quit.

    So yes, I think life's too short to be miserable. If you won't starve or lose your house, go for it.?

  • I would say maybe try and stick it out a bit longer. Perhaps no one is speaking to you yet since you?re still relatively new? Have you tried to be friendly with others at the office? (Aside from the mean girls you spoke about the other day). I only say this because when I started my current job I HATED it ? no one spoke to me and the office was empty most of the time since more than half the staff work off site, but slowly but surely people have gotten to be more friendly and I have a couple of people I speak to casually now. In the beginning I was crying and saying I never wanted to come back but now I enjoy it and am really glad I stuck it out. Granted, that has only happened with this place ? I have been in other companies and just knew it wasn?t going to be a long term job. Only you really know what you can take but I would say wait and see a bit longer ? unless you get a really great opportunity elsewhere. (And I also work in IT?.)
  • I'm sorry that you're going through this Mrs.P.  I'm in a similar situation though, so know you're not alone.

    When you feel this way about a job, everything is so much more difficult.  Do what you feel you need to do.  If you can't take it anymore, than quit, but I understand not wanting to leave without something else.  Good luck that you'll find something quickly, or that things might change for you at this job.


  • oh no - how frustrating definitely call up about that other job, and start contacting agents telling them you want to move - maybe if you at least start putting the feelers out there you'll feel a bit better

    and something else perfect may pop up

    best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ditto PPs - I would check out that other job.  Worst case scenario it is as bad as your current job, but then at least you would know and wouldn't have any "what ifs."

    I hope everything works out for you!  Your current office sounds horrid!


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