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Angry Clients WTF?

If I haven't mentioned it before I work at a marriage counseling center (not the happiest place on earth, obviously.)

Usually I get a mix of personalities, but today everyone is pissed.

 This morning I was greeted by the a new client who is pissed that she and her husband can't be seen for counseling. Hmm maybe it's because you have a restraining order, hello!

And I just got a call from a guy in Korea who wants us to go to his wife's house and talk to her (she lives in Tacoma) because she's threatening to ruin his career? What are we Nazi Germany, I can't beat down her door and demand she talk to you?

Seriously I just want to go home and go to bed, with a martini!

Re: Angry Clients WTF?

  • lol, you should start a would be hilarious :)
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  • We normally have really great clients, I guess it's just an off day. Thank god it's Thursday and not Monday!

  • I'd probably come off really b*tchy. In real life I try to keep my nastiness in check, but in internet land I'd be uncontrollable. Kinda like a sarcastic alcoholic, Hulk.
  • Oh, Lord!  I could never work at a marriage counseling place... those people are there for a reason.  Something is wrong with one of them.

    Are you a social worker?

    Can you ever just tell people the obvious... or do you have to act like they are normal and be politically correct?

    Newlyweds since 2007
  • Wow!  Those stories are hilarious (for me reading them, obviously not for the people going through it). 
    I'll cut you.

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  • Ha ha Rosemary that's a very sad way, of course...

    I didn't know you worked at a marriage counseling place...that must be interesting and SOMETIMES I'm sure it's really rewarding in the end...? I'm trying to put a positive spin on what you do...I hope it's working... ;)

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