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Has anyone had "all you can eat ribs" this week?

Tomorrow is the last day and I was thinking about heading down. My question is will they let you take leftovers home? I'm going to do my best to eat one slab, then order another one, then pretty much take that one home since that's alot of food. But sometimes places aren't ok with that.

Anyone been down there this week? Are they cool with doggie bags? Thanks!

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Re: Has anyone had "all you can eat ribs" this week?

  • We went on Sunday.  There are no doggie bags allowed.  When you order a another serving they only bring you out 4 ribs at a time, not a whole other slab. 
  • We went on Monday night- had THE BEST waitress! ?I had never had ribs before, and neither had my Dad. ?He asked her if it would be ok if we waited till our family got their orders of ribs so we could try them before we decided on what we wanted to get. ?We loved them and decided to go for it.

    They do mention no doggie bags on their website, and she kinda didnt want to let us try the ribs before we ordered (B/c you arent allowed to share) ?But she did anyway.

    You get unlimited ribs and saratoga chips. ?THey brought them out continuously- people tat werent even serving our table would see an empty space on our table and they would put down plates of chips and ribs even if we were still eating. ?The best service!

    Since we had been getting so many plates of ribs and chips (my sister had 2 ribs left, she eats hers dry)- the server brought us two doggie bags and a container of sauce to put her 2 ribs in and the tons of chips we had left sitting at the table- they just kept bringing the chips and we didnt ask for them. ?She?probably?figured they couldnt serve them to someone else, why let them go to waste.

    When they bring out your first plate, you get a load of chips, sauce and they give you three little slabs, the following plates are 1 little slab on a small plate. ?Each little slab was 4 ribs each. ?

    Geeze, sorry so long- enjoy and go to the Boathouse, sooo much better service and quality imo. ?Oh, and call ahead for a reservation. ?We did and had no wait.?

  • Well we decided to go tonight afterall and it was DELICIOUS. But it was also totally crowded so if you're going tomorrow (which is the last day) definitely make reservations early b/c it was over an hour wait. But the food was tasty and there was tons of it. We left stuffed! Our waitress was also super nice so I bet if we had any ribs left, she would have given us a little box. But trust me, you will NOT be hungry if you get the all you can eat special! Big Smile
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    my blog

  • Yeah we went last night too and had call ahead seating for 8PM.  Somehow we still almost waited an hour b/c our table supposedly sat around and talked for 20 mins.  It was still worth it to call though b/c the ppl that walked in after us w/o call ahead were told 1.75 hr wait!  They didn't let you get doggy bags.
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