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I really have Cincy State

I just need to vent!

I have been going there for a year and a half and it seems like I have nothing but problems.  Almost every term when I go to register online there is some kind of hold or something that is preventing me from registering for the class.  Then I have to call my advisor to get her to lift it and she's always rude to me.  There's never any explanation about why I can't register! 

Their book store closes at 6pm, which is frustrating sometimes b/c sometimes I cant' get up there in time.  They're not very accommodating to the students that work full time. 

Every class requires that you buy a book and I have never had to use one.  I know this happens sometimes, but EVERY class I have had.  I have wasted so much money in book fees.  One time the teacher had us buy a book, we all brought it to class, took the plastic off, then he announced we weren't using a book at all.  We couldn't return it after the plastic was off! 

There are 5 people in my program who all need Workplace Law II to finish.  Every term they offer it, we register, then they drop us out of it and cancel the class due to lack of participation.  How the heck are we supposed to finish the certificate if you aren't going to off the class that you require us to take!?!!  

I am really peeved right now b/c my last class of the late fall term was cancelled b/c of the snow storm.  Nobody's fault, but I missed the final.  The teacher didn't tell us until after the deadline for makeup exams so we are all scrounging to meet up with the advisor to take the exam.  During that time I was dropped out of my new class b/c they gave me an incomplete b/c I hadn't taken the final in my other class, which was a prereq for the new class.  So instead of letting me get online and register I have to drive up there, pay for parking again on my lunch break from work, and register in person!  So I took the exam 2 weeks ago and still don't have my grade.  There are still some other people in the class that need to take the final so they can't post grades.  W-T-F?!  I need to turn in my grade for my reimbursement! 

I am so frustrated.  I know some things are out of their control, but their administration is crappy, they aren't very accommodating to the students and they really don't seem to care about the students.  I've attended 3 other colleges and have never had to deal with any of these problems.  Grrr.

Re: I really have Cincy State

  • Geez, I meant to type "I really HATE Cincy State". 
  • That really sucks. I'm sorry you've had to deal with so much crap from them. I can't believe that they're not more accommodating to students in general, but especially to students who work full time. I hope that you are able to get your certificate soon so that you don't have to put up with them anymore!

  • I would be livid.  I hate "mickey mouse" stuff like that.  My sister is in nursing school there and she has also had many registration issues.  Apprently, administrative details aren't their priority.  Sorry you have to deal with it.  VERY frustrating.
  • That is really frustrating and really crappy. 

    For that class you're missing, I'd go to the dept chair for your program.  I'd complain.  You might be able to get it waived, or they'll run the course.  I taught a class last fall with 3 students in it because 2 needed it to graduate. 

    As for the textbooks, have you used amazon or  I know you wind up waiting on the book, but it is usually cheaper.  Even cheaper than that... my sister when she was in grad school checked her books out on Ohio Link.  You got the book loaned to you for 4 weeks, and then she'd renew it once (which you can do).  Then she returned the book.  No charge for the book....  And she'd go buy the ones she actually wanted.  This works well for classes that run for 10 weeks.  HTH!!


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  • I started buying my books online at b/c they are cheaper, but some of them are still costing me $70 and when I sell them 2 months later I only get $25 for them. 

    I will have to try Ohio link.  Thanks for the rec. 

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