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Need Restaurant Rec for Party

My friend is getting married out of town and i want to plan a suprise reception for her and her husband the weekend after they get back, but i've not been to a lot of restuaurants in cinci so i was wondering if anyone could recommend a nice place with a room to reserve for approx. 15-20 people.  i wanted to keep the price range less than $20 for an entree so it'll be affordable for everyone.  Any suggestions would be great, thanks so much!!!

Oh and it doesn't really matter what side of town it's on :)  Thanks!

Re: Need Restaurant Rec for Party

  • I suggested this place on another board last week. It's worth checking out.  My husband and I always eat at the bar which is adjacent to the party room.  It appears to be a really nice space for groups.

    Pappadeaux in Springdale.  They mostly do cajun food but they have some other options as well.

  • Shoot, my reply didn't post! 

    We saw a wedding reception at a Chinese buffet on Valentines Day, but that might be a bit too out there!  Our RD was at the Grand Finale in Glendale.  Some entrees are above $20, some are less.  We picked 3 for our group.  Are people paying for their own meals?  If so you could pick one at $20, one below, and one above.  You might also want to do a Sunday brunch.  SOme places might also give you lunch pricing & portions if you don't go on a weekend night.  Try telling a place your price limit and see what they can do for you

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  • The Precint has a beautiful private room upstairs, that would be perfect for that size crowd.  It is probably $5 - $10 more pp than what you are hoping for, but the atmosphere is so nice and cozy, and the food is damn good!  Smile
  • Montgomery Inn, Maggiano's, DeSha's

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  • We used Bravo Italian in West Chester and it was great!  Their private room can hold up to 40 I think.  For 15-20 you might share it with another group (they'll use a curtain to divide the space).  Also, I think the Mason location has a smaller private room that you could check out.  The prices aren't too much more than their normal menu prices.

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