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Baby Formula ? from a breastfeeder

So, my milk supply has been a bit low for about 2 weeks now.  I have been trying mothers milk tea and fenugreek.....not much help, but I am still hoping things will turn around also now that Emma is feeling better.

I may need to start supplementing with fromula at some point.  What brand/type do you all recommend?  What is easiest on the belly and/or closest to breastmilk?


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Re: Baby Formula ? from a breastfeeder

  • For the most part Karstyn is breastfeed but I use formula to make her cereal and I use Similac Advance. The pedi gave me a sample can when she was born so that is just what I stuck with. She doesn't seem to have a problem with it.
  • Haley is on Enfamil Prosobee (which is a soy formula). Originally we started her on Enfamil Lipil which is Enfamil's closest formula to breastmilk. Then she went to Enfamil Gentlease which is a reduced lactose formula so it is easier on the tummy. Maybe you could call the nurse line at the pediatrician's office and see what they would recommend? But I would recommend the regular Enfamil Lipil I think. I would think that by now her tummy would be able to handle it.
  • one more you use Lansing Peds? I can't remember but if you do think about booking an appointment with Theresa Holmgren. I think that's her last name, it's something along those lines. She is a NP and a lactation consultant. She was very helpful when I was having struggles while nursing.
  • Thanks for the recommendations!  We are not with Lansing peds....we are with my general physician,  I am wondering if my hormones are changing a bit (?) and causing the slight drop.  Either way, I am going to keep going as long as I can......I have made it this far.
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  • Good for you! You are doing fantastic. That's by far my biggest regret so far...not sticking with it longer and waiting it out. Let me know if you have any other formula questions.
  • I saw that Theresa lady when Joey was really sick and was sooo not impressed with her. Maybe she's a bit more helpful on the breastfeeding end. When she was listening to Joey's lungs he started screaming. She didn't even try to call him down first, so he's screaming and the whole time she was listening to his lungs she was talking to me. Which means she couldnt hear anything but herself talking. I was not impressed, and had to rush Joey in the next 3 days for breathing treatments!
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