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Pet related post - need Nestie's help! 

 Did anyone else read this article in the Enquirer yesterday? This is ENRAGING. Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is not only unfair, numerous studies have shown that it does not work, as it is not properly enforced, as this story shows. You can find more information on BSL at these links:

Also if you do a Google search there are many, many sites with TONS of information on BSL.

BSL allows for dogs that are considered "dangerous" simply by their looks to be seized and killed. This is penalizing the dog for how he/she looks - it is not based on temperment, past behavior, etc. It is WRONG. Imagine your dog or beloved pet being taken from you simply for the way she looks - not because she's aggressive, dangerous, or has bitten people, but simply because she looks like a banned breed. This is utterly ridiculous!

In Rock's case, his fate was decided by a cell phone picture - because a boss at the SPCA thought he looked like a banned breed. Meanwhile, the woman had a certificate from her vet that stated that Rock was not a banned breed - and Rock had never exhibited any behavior that was aggressive or untoward.

EVEN WORSE - the SPCA didn't even contact this woman when her DOG DIED! Talk about inhumane treatment. Sad

 I'll be writing to the judge who will hear this case on March 17th as well as the SPCA. I've listed their contact info below if you'd like to make your voice heard as well.

My heart breaks for this woman, who was not even allowed to visit her pup after he was seized...I am shaking I am so p*ssed.

Cincinnati SPCA

3949 Colerain Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45223

(513) 541-6100


Judge Steven E. Martin

Court of Common Pleas

1000 Main Street

Cincinnati, OH 45202

(513) 946-5790

[email protected]

Re: Pet related post - need Nestie's help!

  • I did read that, and it about made me cry!  I got too upset and didn't finish the article..did it ever say HOW the dog died?  I bet they went ahead and euth'd it.  heartbreaking.

    I have a BOXER that is often mistaken for a pittie because she's white.  And sadly I've seen many cases of people who work with dogs (animal control, humane society) mistakenly name a breed to a dog that is obviously not that breed.

  • BSL quite honestly makes me sick. People think that by sterotyping one set breed, and penalizing people who own that breed they are serving justice. I know many pit bulls who are great dogs and people don't realize that other breeds are just as likely to bite someone as a pitbull.

    I can't think of the website now, but it lists every breed and how often they bite people. And golden retrievers are towards the top, but people don't think of them as being aggressive dogs. I can vouch that they can be, because of food gaurding issues, our golden once bit DH.

    My heart breaks for that woman, she does not even get the closure and respect she deserves. I am writing the judge, and will let my friends know as well.

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  • I feel bad for the owner and poor dog.  I agree that BSL is not fair and does not work properly.  I have a rott who is all to often ranked up there with the pits. It is amazing the people that are afraid of her and don't even know us.  It is all based on how a dog is raised and treated. 
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  • 1000% agree with you ladies - it's nice to get support like this from my hometown board :) P.S. your siggies are all SOOOOO cute!
  • imagebrodiesmom:
    1000% agree with you ladies - it's nice to get support like this from my hometown board

    Ditto. Big Smile

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