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Has anyone tried King Wok in Clifton?

I work near the Mason area, so I tend to go to Chan's Asian Wok (in Deerfield Twp) and we like it since it tastes good, the atmosphere is updated, and it is affordable.

I've also heard that King Wok (in Clifton) is good too- has anyone been there? Rants/Raves? We've tried Red Pepper (Clifton) too and like it, but it's not our favorite.?

Re: Has anyone tried King Wok in Clifton?

  • i personally prefer red pepper over king wok. i only tried the vegetable fried rice but i didnt like it at all. the only veggies were carrots and peas and it was obviously by the taste that they were frozen, not fresh. they were even kinda mushy. red pepper also has better dinner specials...with whatever  meal you order get egg drop or hot and sour soup and an egg roll or wontons.

    the BEST chinese ive ever had is casual chinese in newport ky. i just get veggie fried rice but theirs is amazing. they use huge fresh veggies like mushrooms, carrots, onion, snow peas and broccoli. soooo delicious!

    Jenn & Jason
    September 27, 2008
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  • I haven't gone to King Wok in many years but they used to be the best in town for *real* Chinese food and many years prior (before they were named King Wok) my Aunt used to own the place.  We stopped going because they started getting too expensive.  They have the fresh seafood tanks and strips of paper with chinese writing (special menus) all over the walls in true Chinese restaurant style.

    If you're a fan of Chan's Asian Wok, that is totally Americanized.  King Wok has Americanized stuff too but like I said, what they're really known for is the real stuff.  If you want good Americanized Chinese, Chan's Asian Wok is one of my faves along with Wok Inn Express in St. Benard.

  • DH and I went to king wok a LOT when we were in college, but changed over to red pepper once we tried that.
  • I like King Wok better for some dishes and Red Pepper better for others.  Generally, when we're ordering delivery, I order King Wok.  It's good - worth trying, IMO.
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  • Cool, thanks!

    As for Wok Inn Express- is that authentic??

  • imageclevebride2006:

    Cool, thanks!

    As for Wok Inn Express- is that authentic? 


  • What do you enjoy getting there?
  • Oriental Wok just opened a place on Madison in Oakley where Jay's Seafood used to be - I'm really excited about that as I've been to the one in Taylor Mill and it's really good.

    We weren't very impressed with King Wok the first and last time we tried their delivery.

    Oh - and Bangkok Bistro in Hyde Park is the best Asian we've had locally. Ever. Wok Inn in St. Bernard is on my fav's list too although I haven't been there in awhile.

  • imageclevebride2006:
    What do you enjoy getting there?

    Umm okay i'm a bit biased b/c my relatives own the place and I used to work there but my faves (in no particular order) are the szechwan chicken, shrimp lo mein, sesame chicken, pad thai, and egg foo young.  The egg rolls are awesome (made from scratch) and so is the fried chicken (fried fresh).  They have lunch buffet during the week for I think $5.25

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