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**ESF** re: Yoga Toes

Hey woman -- are you still using your Yoga Toes?  Do you like them?   My physical therapist the other day pointed out that I'm getting a bunion (damned stylish pointy shoes!!)  I was wondering if Yoga Toes would help heal it, as they claim.  I can't remember why you got yours, but I'd love to hear how you are liking them!


Re: **ESF** re: Yoga Toes

  • I got mine because I have a bizarre obsession with having my toes stretched out.  I don't know why, it just feels good when my toes are all stretched out. 

    I have a small bunion on my big toe.  It definitely has not gone away since I started using them but it has not gotten bigger and it never bothers me.  It might be a little smaller, I'm not really sure.

    I just wear them because I find it very enjoyable to lay on the couch with them on.  It is like a poor man's massage.  It definitely feels good after a lot of walking or tight shoes.  I probably wear them a few hours a week.  So, I definitely recommend them! 

  • Thanks, good to know!  Did you get the official Yoga Toes?  These on amazon had really good reviews and look similar:

    Lots of my yoga classes start out working on the feet -- stretching, massaging, etc.  I need to do it more often, and I think these might help relieve some of the stiffness after a day in work shoes.

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