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Which Would You Do?

Just talked to HR so I got all my maternity leave options laid out.

I have two scenarios:

A: take all my vacation time during FMLA and 1 week with no pay. This means we'd have to save less $$ for my paycheck coverage than planned (or just put it to more baby crap), but I'd only have 7 days left for the rest of this year (5 sick days + 2 personal days) 

B: Take one week less of vacation time and take 2 weeks w/o pay.  This means we'd still save the same amount of $$ we'd originally planned, but I'd have 1 week of vaca more than the other plan, so a total of 12 days left to use during the year.


Re: Which Would You Do?

  • I would do B, because I get nervous when it comes to the need for vacation time. You never know if you'll have a family crisis or a medical emergency, when it would be really nice to have paid time off.
  • I think i need to ask how late in the game I can change my time planning. I'm guessing they wont really care as long as I tell them beforehand. I can see me wanting to take more vaca time if we run into a $$ issue right before or during mat. leave and I need to use some of the $$ we saved, or if the $$ ends up being fine, using what we've saved and getting more vacation time later instead.
  • I'd go for option B, too.  Are you planning on putting your kiddo in daycare?  Kids pick up lots of bugs there, so chances are really good that your kid will be sick at least a couple of times.  At my daycare, if Ben has a temp, he gets sent home and can't come back for at least 24 hours.  He was sent home Monday afternoon, so I had to take a half day Mon and the entire day on Tues (he's not better today, so I would have had to take today, too, if DH didn't have sick time as well.)  This was the second time he was sent home in 3 months, so you can see how easy it is to eat up those days off!
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  • B for the reasons mentioned above.  Plus, you'll probably be getting STD, so that'll help, too.
  • Gotta go with B for pretty much the reasons everyone else says. With little ones you never know when you are going to need some additional time off for illnesses so save your vacation time if you can.
  • Everyone seems to have given good only question is could you actually use the vacation time as sick days?
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  • yeah - I can use vaca and sick and visa versa - I mean, not literally, but I don't give too shits and will use my time that I have however I need to, kwim? My boss is cool with that too.
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