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no AF this month and I AM on BC?

this never happened to me. I am usually right on the dot each month. In December tho, I gotten AF 2x. a week while I was on active pills and the week I wasn't on the active pills. then for january, nothing. I've been on this BC (Femcon) for less than a year, and never had any issues before. I took a pg test a few days after I was late and it was negative. We want to TTC in the summer, but if it did happen we would be so happy! anyone ever know of anyone getting pg on bc?
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Re: no AF this month and I AM on BC?

  • The only time I've ever heard of that happening is when the person is not taking their pill regularly. It might also be the hormones in the pills are not right for you maybe they are too high or too low. I would suggest making an appointment with your DH to get that checked out. GL!

    BTW I love your wedding cake.

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  • my coworker has gotten pregnant 3 times on BC.  she is probably taking them wrong though.
  • I've been on BC for years and it's a low dose pill and I don't get AF on it...I get it every couple of months but not every month and my Dr says it's very normal to miss your period on the pill...I actually have two really good friends who the same thing happens too....I was told if  I feel more comfortable I can take a PG test every month but I don't.  It's very normal for this to happen so don 't worry to much
  • I know two women that got pregnant while on BC.  My cousin and my best friend.  I know my best friend was on one of the low hormone ones I don't know which one my cousin was on.
  • I've only known of woman that get pregnant on the pill when it's a low-dose or if they don't take it like prescribed.  It is possible to be on the pill and start skipping periods.  My periods got to be just a day of spotting on the pill and my doctor said it was perfectly normal.
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  • I actually had the same thing happen to me a couple years ago. ?I had been on Ovcon for about a year. ?One month I had my period for 2 weeks straight, and the next month I had practically nothing. ?My doc said to take a PT before starting the next pack. ?Thankfully I got a BFN. ?I wasn't happy on that pill and at my next visit switched to Seasonale, which was a much better fit for me.

    I would wait a few days and take another test, just to be sure.?

  • Yes, I know of someone who got PG while on BCP.  She took antibiotics that cycle and was apparently one of the "lucky" ones for whom that lessened the effectiveness of the pills.

    You can skip AF while on BC but it's not that common.  I know that my OB/GYN and the literature with the BCP I used to take both suggest that you call the office if that happens.

    Sometimes, either pills stop working or the dosage isn't right for you.  I used to take Ortho TriCyclen.  After a couple of years, it stopped working and I had to switch to the generic, which was better for me (generics can be slightly different from the name brand and in my case this one was just different enough to help).  I also always had to use triphasic pills...a monophasic regimen wasn't enough and caused me to have spotting through my entire cycle.

  • Sure, once in a while someone will get pregnant on birth control. It's not 100% effective, even when taking correctly all the time. It's just HIGHLY unlikely.

    A few factors that could stop a period: low weight/bmi and stress. Either a factor for you? Have you remembered to take every single active pill on time and not missed a day?

    If you can't think of anything, and you don't start. Maybe give your doctor a call, it won't hurt anything.

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