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Simple Green Eco Solution

so I don't know if anyone has ever posted this here but several years ago my husband sent me to the store to buy some Simple Green to clean some spark plugs with.  When I read the label I saw that not only did the spark plugs come clean immediately but you can dilute and clean just about anything.  It's cheap like $6 a gallon and a gallon last me at least 7 months and I clean everything in my house with it in a big spray bottle.  I buy mine at Sam's Club, much cheaper than the small already mixed bottles at smaller retail stores. 

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Re: Simple Green Eco Solution

  • It's all we use!  We found out about it in the exact same way, DH was using it for car maintenance at first.
    I have the floor cleaner and hand soap as well, but tend to stick with the original.  The smell can get overpowering sometimes, but it's better than vinegar and nice knowing it's not toxic.  Plus it cleaned marks off my microwave that my (toxic) all-purpose kitchen cleaner couldn't.

  • I've found that Simple Green tends to be a little streaky.  I love it for clean up outside and in the garage though.
  • Yeah, we've been using SG for years now. They were green long before the green trend started.
  • image joolz425:
    Yeah, we've been using SG for years now. They were green long before the green trend started.
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  • Haha. i just suggested this for someone on another post. ?it's all we had in the house growing up - Love it! speaking of....i need to get some at costco!?
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