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I grew up in Champlin and moved to Maple Grove when I finally bought a house.  I worked in Wayzata.  What about you?

Re: .:sweetyjenj:.

  • Crazy! I grew up in *** Rapids, moved to Ramsey, then went to Bethel University so moved to Shoreview until we finally wed and moved out here.  All my jobs were in *** Rapids.  Champlin is so close! My sister works in Champlin right now. And a house in Maple Grove! wow, i love that area!  What made you want to move out here?
  • wow it blocked that word! lol do you know what city that is? CR...
  • LOL...that is too funny that it blocked that word.  yes, I know what city you are talking about.  I have friends that live there.  I went to Champlin Park High School.  We cruised Anoka all the time when I was 16.  lol...we were lame! 

    Yeah, I loved Maple Grove.  A bit snobby, but living there was great.  My parents live in my house there now, so I still have it at least!  

    I just couldnt take the cold weather anymore.  I lived there my whole life and after 26 years of it...I just couldnt do it.  We moved to Georgia so my husband could train for his job he has now.  We originally moved to San Francisco and then bought a house in Sacramento.  We lived up there for 3.5 years and then MH got a promotion, so we moved to Fullerton.  We ended up in a horrible house, so we moved again to Trabuco Canyon/Mission Viejo, where we live now. 

    What brought you guys out here?  Are you both from there originally?  So weird that we are from the same area!

  • i have friends that went to Champlin Park! You wouldn't happen to know Joey Abell would you? prob not....but he's a famous golden glove boxer now and he went there.  And we cruised MainSt. too sometimes, lol highschool days!

    It was always a dream of mine to move to California, and i found a good school out here.  When i met my DH, he's from Bethel, MN, i told him i wanted to move here...and two weeks after the wedding we moved over just in time to start classes! We both were sick of the cold!!  Dh works at PIH (pres. intercommunity hospital).  We won't stay here though, we'll be moving back after i graduate next spring.   I dread moving home b/c of the winters and humidity during the summer, but both our families are there and we want to buy a house and start a family out there.

    Do you plan on always living out here? I guess since you bought a house you're planning long term...have/want any kids? 

  • Nope, that name does not sound familiar.  I graduated a long long time!  I was the first graduating class from there to go 9-12.  Basically, it was built the year I started 9th grade. 

    You know what's funny....I always tell DH that I dreamed of CA.  Especially Southern CA.  When it's been -10 degrees + for months on end, SoCal seems like paradise....and now that I'm here..I'm like eh.  Dont get me wrong, I like it.  But it's different when you have to work, pay bills, etc.  The paradise aspect of it sort of goes away.  lol   I still love it here more than there!  What's funny, is I now consider Sacramento my home.  I loved it there and met so many great people.  I miss MN, but not enough to ever move back.  My family is there, so that is hard.  I miss them, but we visit a few times a year.  Our house is in Sacramento, so if we can ever sell it, we will.  We'd like to buy the house we are in now and settle here.  No children planned for us.  MN definitely is a fabulous place to raise a child.  It's so clean and healthy...if that makes sense?  lol 

    You are smart to move back as far as cost of living goes.  It definitely was a shock, but I got used to it quickly by closing homes for a living out there.  When you do that, the numbers dont seem to matter anymore.  Even a huge number looks small!   

    You'll have to come to one of the gtg's so we can meet up and chat.  :)   


  • [butting in]

    My law school roommate was from Maple Grove.
    But she was a racist bitchcake.
    Too bad.

  • image WeezerMonkey:

    [butting in]

    My law school roommate was from Maple Grove.
    But she was a racist bitchcake.
    Too bad.

    lol...doesnt surprise me actually.  A lot of people from MN are like that.  I have no idea why.   Especially the bitchy ones with money.  I was middle I like all races. 

  • I'm only racist against tall people.
  • She wasn't rich (not that being rich would be an excuse anyway).  She was just an idiot.

    She said she would only buy American, so she'd never buy a Japanese car.  She bought a Jetta.  Apparently, "German" is "American."

    While we watched Road Rules: Semester at Sea (which had an all non-white cast), she asked me, "Why is everybody a foreigner this season?"


  • Sounds like she was just plain uneducated if you ask me!  Did she say oofda and oh ya you betcha a lot?  Some people are so ignorant...I swear.
  • Well, not exactly uneducated.  She did graduate from law school with me.

    Of course, an education doesn't necessarily solve ignorance.

  • image WeezerMonkey:

    Well, not exactly uneducated.  She did graduate from law school with me.

    Of course, an education doesn't necessarily solve ignorance.

    I guess I meant uneducated in a worldly sense.  Some people are really ignorant to the ways of the world, and I think a lot of people from back home live sheltered lives.  MN is a safe, quiet place, and most people never move beyond the city they grew up in.  They dont experience anything in the world.  I know I am generalizing and not everyone from there is like that, but a lot of them are.  Most of my friends from back home havent been farther than Iowa. 

  • She doesn't even have that excuse.  She left home for college.

    She's just a racist bitchface.

  • Or there's always that! 
  • image NorCalMrs:
    I'm only racist against tall people.


    Hey! I resemble that remark! 

    image image image
    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
  • image Young_Love:

    image NorCalMrs:
    I'm only racist against tall people.


    Hey! I resemble that remark! 

    LOL...YL, you are the first person I thought of when I wrote it.  Stick out tongue 

  • wow i came back to a lot to read! Yeah i suppose there are many people in MN who are a bit racist (esp. Anoka)...don't know why, its not as diverse as SoCal.  Its funny that you said you were middle class, so you liked everyone!! Its funny that its kinda true...we grew up middle class too.  Some people are just snobbybitches, but you can get that from anywhere.

     Yes the cost of living there is AMAZING! My DH got bored at work and found a 5br 2bath house in Shoreview for 200,000.  Although i am in no hurry to move back, it would be nice to have my own yard and house and all that, and like you mentioned...Minneapolis is one of the top cleanest cities!  I'd like to live in uptown, the houses there are adorable on the lake, but i think Roseville/Shoreview is our "spot" we've been looking at.  We could never afford a house out here yet, so i'm jealous that you can! lol like you said though, once you are out here, its not as great.  Before we moved i told myself i would be at the beach everyday i could...boy was i wrong!  I go when i get the chance, but thats maybe biweekly? Although its summer hopefully more! I want to get the best out of living here as i can before i move back.  I want to find a few martini bars too, any good ones you know of?

    I'd love to go to a G2G! Its hard when i live on the border...LA board has their g2g in Pasadena, which is forever away, and i'm sure the g2gs for this board are closer to Laguna....but maybe not!  It would be nice to meet everyone.

    Sorry so long...

  • LOL about the tall ppl must be short norcal?? My DH is 6'4, and i'm 5' he's a tall one!
  •, I'm between 5' 7" and 5' 8".  There was a girl on So You Think You Can Dance who said the judges were racist against tall people.  It cracked me up. 

    Most gtg's are in the Irvine area from what I gather, but we could definitely have one in north OC if you want to come down. 


  • haha i gotcha! I dont think irvine is too far, half hour or so..depending on traffic of coarse :)
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