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Half way thru Breaking Dawn... (spoilers)


Did SM really write this book? I've had to pause several times throughout reading just to take everything in. It's so different from the rest of the books, and so not appropriate for teenagers.

Anyways...after Jake and Carlisle are sitting on the front steps talking, how on earth did Carlisle not realize before that the baby would be hungry for "blood"? Seriously that was such a dumb moment, IMO. Hmmm...let's think this through....vampire and human have sex. Human gets pregnant with vampire spawn. Human is being eaten away from the inside because baby is "hungry". And Jake is the only one who realizes that it craves blood and not the vampires?

Ugh! I just had to get the off my chest. Thanks for listenening :)

Re: Half way thru Breaking Dawn... (spoilers)

  • I knew you couldn't stay away from it for long!

    I also didn't understand why she made Jake the smart one out of the mix. That was dumb.?

  • Hey J&T!

    Yeah, I started reading it last night and I'm hoping to finish it tonight. I just hope it gets better :)

  • I liked it, but many did not. We'll see where you land. Stick out tongue
  • BD felt like a bad twi fanfic to me. I try not to think of what happened in it =P I liked Die to Self (a fanfic that retold the BD story) on better!
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  • BD was terrible. ?The more I think about it, the more I hate it. ?There are about 3 parts of the book I actually like. ?I seriously wanted to chuck the thing in the trash when she made her preggo. ?What a freakin' weak plot. ?

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  • That book was so bizarre and I still couldn't put it down. I finished it a few weeks ago and I still stop and scratch my head at much of what went on in BD. BUT (here comes the irony): I can't explain why, but I LOVE the series and despite the freaky final book I want to read them all over again. I still laugh at the name Renesseme - ha!?
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