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I miss my mom

I really wanted to go with my sister to go see my mom tomorrow but I couldnt find anyone to work for me. The last time my mom was in town was the begining of the month and even then I didnt get to see her much. It sucks only being able to see her a few hours once a month. Back story is she and her DH are truck drivers, but have everyother weekend off because her DH (my step-dad, they just got married in August) has his daughter then. But it is the weekend that I work so anytime they plan parties or come into town I have to work untill at least 3 and most of the time they leave by 8 or so. Which means I dont get much time with my mom. I really miss my mom and just wish I could see her more. DH complians when he goes more than a week without seeing his parents. It makes me kind of mad when he makes comments about it when he knows that I get to see my mom even less then he does. I wish I got to see her once a week. I have tried to get on the other weekend but they wont let me so I guess I will just have to live with it.

vent over

Re: I miss my mom

  • Thats a bummer. I only get to see my mom about once a month if I'm lucky since they live in KC. Since I'm pregnant now we won't be traveling much here soon and it will be a long time before I actually get to see them again. They will have to take some time off and come up to visit us. DH's parents live 4 minutes from our house. I totally get your situation. There is just no replacement for mom!
  • That really sucks!  I know exactly how you feel.  i am always missing my mom because she is always there for me through everything.  The last time I saw her was Christmas :(  Luckily when we go home I get to spend almost the whole weekend at their house because DH's parents make him mad so he doesn't care if we make it out there or not! I only see my mom about once every 2 months though!

    I get where you are coming from and I hope that you are able to go see your mom soon...I think that a daughter just really has that special relationship with their mom that can make it really hard when you don't see her all that often.

  • I do get to see my mom about every 2 weeks, even then it's for lunch or dinner or as they drop something off for me. I call her every 3-4 days though so that really helps our relationship. That might not work so well for you since your mom is a truck driver, but maybe on her stops, she can give you a quick call.

    And you should probably let your H know how his complaining makes you feel. Just put it into perspective for him. There's no way that I would complain about not seeing my parents to my H because he sees his twice a year if he's lucky.

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