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I need to be petty for a minute

DH's family dynamic is very strange to say the least.  One thing that has always bugged me is the fact that his parents clearly (and openly) favor his brother.  His brother has 2 girls.  After the second SIL and I were talking and she said they were done with kids.  I had to admit that I was kind of happy b/c they never had a boy and I knew how much it would mean to ILs to have a grandson.  We got PG and had a girl, no biggie we always planned on 2 kids.  Well DH is back in OH with the family and MIL thinks SIL is PG again b/c the boobs are bigger, she has a bit of a tummy and wasn't drinking tonight.  SIL is a stick so any tummy would be pretty tell tale and wine and drinking is a big part of their family gatherings so that is another huge thing.  Here is the real petty party - I am bummed that she may be PG and will be really bummed if they have a boy b/c I wanted DH to be able to do something first or something his brother didn't do.  I really hope it is another girl. 
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Re: I need to be petty for a minute

  • I don't think you are being petty.....just honest!! (then again, I am hoping we get pregnant and have a boy....as I have 5 nieces). :)))
  • it is sad that some parents play favorites!
  • You are just speaking your mind on how you really feel and have every right to.

  • I don't think your being petty but probably because I felt the same exact way. My inlaws favor my SIL as well. ?She had a girl first and when she got pregnant again she thought she was having a boy. She found out at her u/s it was a girl and I was happy. ?We were trying to get pg at the time and I wanted to have the first boy. ?We did but nothing changed. Now they favor SIL and our nieces. ?It drives me crazy but there is nothing I can do about it.
  • If that's petty, then I'm petty too.  Been there.  I'm sorry. 
    My big boy is bounding towards 3! Hoping to add a sibling. image Hipster dog is not impressed.
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