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Follow up: meeting Fi's child

I posted mid-January asking for advice on meeting Fi's daughter for the first time. Things actually went very, very well. By the end of the week, she actually hugged me when it was time to say good bye. We kept busy during the visit- museums, the national aquarium, snow tubing, etc- so there wasn't much pressure for constant conversation and being stuck in a house staring at each other. I am much more optimistic now about the situation, and looking forward to this summer when she comes to visit. Thanks again for the advice from everyone.

Re: Follow up: meeting Fi's child

  • Glad that it went well for you :) And it will get easier...
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  • Why would you agree to marry someone who hadn't even met your daughter? Something is a little off there.

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  • If you have questions regarding the situation, please read my comments in the previous post in mid-January. My Fi and I are both active duty military and I just returned from a 16 month deployment, Fi returned from a 15 month deployment in June. The mom has physical custody, and lives a 3 day drive away from where we are stationed. We don't exactly have a perfect situation, but we are doing pretty well considering. Fi and I have agreed that for our next move we are going to try and get DC as our next duty station so that Fi can be closer to his daughter. Hopefully the military will grant our wish.
  • I'm glad that you had a good visit and got your relationship going on the right foot, and I really hope that the military accommodates your requests so that you can both be a bigger part of her life!
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  • YAY, Kelly!  I'm glad it went well for you! 
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