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I think you were the one who recommended the Halti... yes?  I bought one and tried to put it on her.  And she FREAKED out.  I've tried it several times and can barely even get it on her because she goes nuts.  Then she somehow gets the bottom strap (the part that's supposed to be under her chin) in her mouth and starts trying to chew it off.  Do you think if I got a smaller size she wouldn't be able to get the strap in her mouth? Or should I keep trying and see if she gets used to it?  give up? 
My big boy is bounding towards 3! Hoping to add a sibling. image Hipster dog is not impressed.

Re: ***Starlettedir***

  • R hated his for a long time...he still rubs his face like a loon when we come in from walks Embarrassed

    HOWEVER he will wear it.

    I do think it sounds like it's too big for her. R wore a size down from what they gave as a rec...I was shocked because Sharpeis has big snouts.

    Do you do lots of treats when she gets it on?  We wore it around the house (with no leash) for a while to get him used to it. Lots and lots of treats.

    I know the Gentle Leader has worked(same concept just wears different) for some that had issues with the halti.

    Petsmart/Petco will take returns/exchanges even if it's been worn.

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