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neg/pos of the day


~my 'fat' pants are loose!!!!!Yes

~i got my second +opk of the week!!!!Wink and got my new shipment of preseed today!

~i have a busy weekend ahead of me w/a lot of time spent w/friends and family


~I have a KILLER headacheAngry

~Dh is working late tonight

Re: neg/pos of the day

  • pros

    - It's Friday!  Yey!

    - Inservice day today.  Although they are not exactly fun, it is a bit of a break from the regular day.


    - DH's grandfather died this morning.  Services on Monday.  He's been sick for a very long time, so it was kind of expected. 

    - I am tired of being cold!  Can we have spring now?!

    Dairy, Egg, Peanut and Strawberry Allergy Momma
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  • Sophie- I am very sorry to hear about your grandfather

    I just thought of another con...our friggin' troll is backSuper Angry

  • Pros

    Can't think of anything right now


    -I had to work 2 hours past when I was supposed to be done.

    -I've been feeling full of anxiety today and its a feeling I hate.

    -my kitchen is a disaster and I don't have any motivation to go down and clean it.

    -DH is working until 7pm tonight.


  • Sophie-Sorry to hear about the loss of DH's Grandmother.

    Cyndi-Hope your headache goes away soon. 

  • Pros:

    1.  Its the weekend and I can sleep in.  I also managed to squeeze in a massage and facial tomorrow.

    2.  Its almost time for the GTG!  I can't wait to meet everyone!!!


    1.  H has class tonight....

    2.  I have to run financial models all day Sunday!

    TTC since April 2009 dx = PCOS; TTC History for DS - A FET miracle after 7 IUIs; 2 fresh transfers, and 1 other FET resulted in BFNs. Hoping and Praying for baby #2: Cycle 1 - FET; November 2012 BFN Next Steps - who knows? Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

    - FI was cooking steaks for dinner at my place tonight when I got home from work!

    - I was very productive today at work despite all the meetings



    - Some really mean person made a mess of the Philly Knot board today and then migrated to the SJ Knot and then over here.

  • Positives-

    -It is Friday!!!!!

    -Going out tonight with the girls! 


    -Had someone call 10 min before the end of the workday with an issue I had to deal with

    -Learned that we have to go to a funeral tomorrow (one of my H's HS friend's 25 y/o brother).  It is going to be really sad


  • PROS:

    • It's Friday!!!
    • The baby is moving around like a little jumping bean and DH can finally feel it, too.


    • Return of a/the troll
    • We're having a Superbowl Party and I need to clean and organize and don't feel like doing it

     PS.  Krista and Sophie...I'm so sorry to hear of your losses.

  • PROS-

    Elijah took a nice long nap,which was nice since this week he's been waking up early and only napping about 1 hr.  Needless to say I was spent by the end of the day yesterday.

    Tonight is my dessert night ... Wendy's frosty!


    DH brought home a box of Thin Mints - must have willpower!

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