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Big Brother is watching...

Back in September DH bought some peanut butter crackers from Costco. This week we get a letter in the mail, that if we have any left to bring them back for a full refund. Because of the peanut butter recall, glad they are on their toes, but kind of scary that they can track what you buy all the back to September.

Re: Big Brother is watching...

  • Wow...that happened to be me once w/ Costco too. Except it had to do with their Kirkland bottled water.

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  • I'm watching too. How was that grilled cheese you had for lunch?
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  • That is kind of creepy but they probably have a computer that they just type in peanut butter crackers and brings up all the people that bought them within the past some many months.
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  • wow, that would really freak me out!
  • LOL, we just got that letter too!  I'm off right now to take them back before DH tries to eat anymore.
    Damn you Nest for screwing up my siggy!

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  • I think any place that you have a member number or card they probably track what you buy - like our grocery store looks at what you buy and print off competitor coupons for the types of products you buy.

    Now if the government knew I'd have a problem with that!  Kinda cool they can help you prevent poisoning by toxic product.

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