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oh mrseEC

could you take a look at this mole ;)

actually, i am looking to upgrade. I dont think i have anywhere near the talent that you and beth, i just want to take nicer pictures.

I was wondering if you could make a recommendation for an inexpensive SLR (thats the correct term right?).

i'd be interested in any tips you might have in getting a used camera as well. i hate to seem cheap but ...well i am. ha! but seriously i know they can get pricey and thats fine - just looking to save where i can.?but if i buy used, i want to buy from a reliable source. not just any random dude off of craigslist.

if you help me with this i SWEAR i wont ask you a zillion silly questions about f stops and light meters. (<<<guess who took a class many moons ago! haha)?


Re: oh mrseEC

  • How much are you looking to spend?
    image image
  • oh gosh...i really have no idea. this is how clueless i am.

    i was looking at the prices on best buy and judging by that i'd like to spend around/under $500-$700. $700 is kind of my limit give or take a few bucks. Christian is going to pass out over this anyway. I dont want to come home w/ a $1000+ camera and watch him have a heart attack ;)

  • You really can't go wrong with any Nikon or Canon -- and both have starter cameras in that range.  I would reccommend going to the store and checking out both and seeing which feels better in your hands.


    And if you think you'd eventually want to buy more lenses and stuff for, I would probably lean more towards Canons.  The starter Nikon cameras won't auto focus with some lenses.

    image image
  • thanks! this is great starting point. i really appreciate it!
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