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What's for Dinner?

What's everyone having tonight?  I was really having a hard time making a decision but we're having Slow Cooker Mexican Casserole...I'm hoping it turns out well!

Re: What's for Dinner?

  • yum, mexican casserole sounds so good.  can you post the recipe>


    we are having spaghetti and meatballs with a salad.  

  • I ordered a sub from someone at work.  So that will be DH's dinner and I will have leftover pasta.  I have been uninspired to cook this week (thank you busy work week).  Hopefully this weekend I can be creative.
  • sure Allie...I should warn you though I just throw stuff in and don't always measure :)  I adapted this recipe from a tex mex lasagna recipe that I had and can't locate right now.

    1 lb ground turkey (browned)
    4 cups elbow macaroni (you could do less...I didn't realize how much it was until I dumped it into the crockpot!)
    1 can of sweet corn (drained)
    1 jar of salsa (roughly 16 oz)
    cumin, taco seasoning (I use the tall containers of these from costco so I gave each container a good 2-3 shakes)
    I also used a couple dashes of the Tastefully Simple Fiesta Party Mix
    1 small can tomato sauce
    1 cup water
    Cheddar cheese (sprinkled across top of mixture)

    brown ground turkey (or beef) and mix with other ingredients into crockpot and heat.  My crockpot runs very hot so I set mine for an hour then I'll check it to see if its good to go.

  • Well -- homeywood is having soup and salad so that is it for me
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