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(#) Thursday check in

How's everyone doing?

I got up and did my run...2nd time doing week 3.  I am liking week 3, it's hard but satisfying.  I will probably try to do it both Saturday and Sunday, then move on to week 4 on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

I've got to leave here in an hour for a job interview.  Cross your fingers, I want money to buy Wii Fit and take a yoga class. 

B- yogurt and banana

L - not sure, I have to leave here at 11:30, so I need to eat something at 11.  Probably soup.

D - there's a fabulous organic/artisnal grocery a block away from my interview, so I'm going to go there afterwards to buy something yummy for dinner.


Re: (#) Thursday check in

  • Good luck to you, ESF!!!

    I took yesterday off of working out, and then I missed Yoga today, so I'm going to do 30 DS and maybe a yoga video or WiiFit. 

    Yesterday was also not the best eating day. Not terrible, but had chinese for dinner, so meh. Will do better today!

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  • Happy job vibes coming your way, ESF!

    So my goal of swimming everyday this week is out the window. I think that was too ambitious. My body was so tired last night, so I set the alarm for later. I wound up sleeping like a rock for 8.5 hours. I think it was a good choice. I think it is more realistic for me to plan on taking one weekday off and Sundays off. Plus, when my husband woke me up this morning, he said I smelled like the swimming pool. Ugh! I may be able to run next door and use the elliptical for 30 minutes while dinner is in the oven tonight.

    B: instant breakfast mocha smoothie, granola

    S: 1 piece venison jerky

    L: black bean soup with 1/3 ounce of cheese and Kashi crackers; carrots; pineapple

    S: probably another piece of venison jerky; clementines

    D: baked chicken marinated in yogurt & garam masala; vegetable; mini egg rolls


    Little Bridey Twist, begging for a bowl of Chobani. Just like in the orphanages of yore.
  • I'm doing pretty well--hoping to be below my goal this weekend at weigh-in.  I skipped working out last night and will again tonight (class), but I'll get back to it Friday.

    B: Life cereal

    S: fun size M&Ms (I know, not the best, I got desperate)

    L: Split pea soup, bagel

    D: something fast at school before class - probably salad

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  • image EastSideFluffy:

     I am liking week 3, it's hard but satisfying.  I will probably try to do it both Saturday and Sunday, then move on to week 4 on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

     I agree about week 3 -- that's an apt description. Can't wait to start week 4.

    This week has been almost a total wash, and by no fault of my own (mostly). My gym has been closed because of the weather, and even if I weren't too wussy to run in the cold, the streets and sidewalks are a mess. Tonight I have a work function, and work is really busy to boot. I am hoping to get back on track this weekend.

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