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All About Women (long)

Hi ladies. I just read the post below and I'm hoping you all can give me more specifics on your experience at AAW.

I've been a patient there for 5 years and absolutely LOVE Dr.McCracken. I got my BFP 12/4. They didn't schedule my first appt until 12/29, which I know is normal. That was only with a nurse, my first appt. wih the doc wasn't until 1/22.

Anyway, I M/Cd on 12/23. The nurse was only going to send me for betas when I started bleeding but after I sobbed on the phone that I wouldn' be able to deal with not knowing over xmas (we were going to tell my parents) she sent me for an u/s. There was nothing.

 The following phone call I asked how they would treat my next pregnancy and she said they would just take two more betas in the begining to make sure they were doubling. No U/S until 18w. Also, during this whole process, I never spoke with the doc and noone every followed up or anything...I'm panic stricken about having to go through this again.

I'm just looking for the "norm" out there. I'm thinking about switching offices but I love Dr. McCracken. Any personal stories you can give me would really be appreciated.

Re: All About Women (long)

  • I went through two miscarriages last year, one over labor day and the other over Christmas, and my dr's office wasn't much better.  They sent me for STAT betas and then didn't call until 4 days later.  When I got pregnant this time I insisted on testing my progesterine (sp) and betas and they did an ultra sound as soon as my numbers where high enough.  I went to Dedicated to Women in Middletown and have since switched to the Dover office and have been much happier.

     Good luck!



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  • I don't have any experience with AAW, but that sounds normal. My experience has been different since I'm high- risk, but two women just had babies in my family and their doctors said not to even schedule an appointment until they were 8 weeks pg.

     With that said, I think a follow-up call from the doctor would've been nice. I don't, however, think it's something to switch offices over.

    I'm sorry for your loss :(

  • First, I'm sorry for your loss.

    I'm also a patient of DrM's and have never been very impressed with her nurse's bedside manner (I don't think I've ever actually met the woman in person, but we've spoken the many times I've called w/questions or concerns).  I always get off the phone feeling like an idiot for having called and bothered her.  Other than that, I feel that I've gotten great care so far.  I actually loved the OB counseling nurse who did my initial appointment - she even took care of setting up my referral to maternal-fetal medicine (basically, she did a much better job of making me feel like my individual situation was important - not just in my head, like the impression that Tammy (Dr.M's nurse) gave me).

     Anyway, I just wanted you to know that it's not your problem to deal with her bedside manner.  And if that means changing doctors, or practices, then that's their loss, not yours...

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  • I am also sorry for your loss.


    Speaking as a maternal-child health nurse.....first, not all matters have to go to the MD.  Nurses who specialize in a particular field are often quite capable of handling various scenarios.  Office nurses are trained to be able to triage over the phone and typically work from a algorithm when handling patient calls.  I've heard that AAW is a rather large practice with extensive wait times and that they share call with a large number of other physicians.  Your experience sounds fairly routine.  As a graduate student, I spent time working in a physician's office, and it is amazing to see things "behind the scenes" because it truly gave me a better understanding about just how busy physicians really are.


    If you want a more personal experience, I recommend using a smaller practice or even going to the Birth Center.  A friend of mine had a wonderful experience at the BC.  I used to think that I wanted to deliver at Christiana.  As a nurse, I know everything that can go wrong and the resources needed.  I work at Union Hospital in Elkton and have been there for nearly 3 years.  I have watched the maternity unit transform, and I've been there for some potentially scary situations (e.g., mothers who come in after using cocaine to induce birth prematurely, etc.), and everyone is always prepared and capable, and we always have the support of Christiana's NICU team.  I have chosen to see the MDs in the Women's Health Associates practice (Kakumanu, Khanjar, & Knapp), and I have had nothing but a wonderful experience since making the switch from my doctor of 10+ years at Christiana.

  • I am sorry for your loss and that you are going through this.  A friend who goes to AAW recently had a MC and speaks very highly of the care she received.  She sees Dr. McCollough (SP) and when the US tech confirmed she had a MC, Dr. McCollough came in to talk to her and was really comforting.  She is now pregnant again and had her levels tested a few times until they were satisfied, ordered an US at 7 1/2 weeks to make sure everything was ok, and when she had her 1st appointment with Dr. M, she did another u/s in the office to check again.  If you are not feeling comfortable with your doc or her nurses, maybe you could switch to another that you may feel more confident and comfortable with.  Good luck!

  • I'm so sorry for your loss :(  While I don't have personal expereience with a m/c (thankfully), your expereince seems like the norm. From their persepctive, they see m/c all the time (sadly)  and that's probably how they deal with them b/c there's nothing that can be done. :(

    I can understand  you wanting an u/s right away for your next one... and I'm sure the nurse is willing to give you a script for one to calm your nerves.  That's why I love that practice.  I feel that they are very accomodating and understanding.

    PS- I didn't see Dr. McCrackin (who I LOVE) until I was about 11 weeks along.  I also had some bleeding from 6 weeks-10 weeks and the nurse gave me a script for an u/s to make sure everything was okay.  Luckily it was!!

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