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What type of infection could this be?

My husband says that my vagina smells different than it used to, which leads me to believe I may have an infection of some kind. Of course he doesn't know about when this started and can't compare the odor to anything. I noticed sometimes after sex it does smell badly. I read about bacteria infections and they mention "fishy" smell but it doesn't seem fishy to me. Sometimes he seems to notice smell when I don't smell anything. I don't have irritation, burning, itching, etc. My discharge is normal color, white or clear, usually sticky or watery depending when in my cycle (all seems normal to me). This may sound weird but this is a day after my period and after sex, when the semen came out of me during cleanup it came out pink!!! That was the only think that color - no blood on the surrounding areas or even on his penis. Could this be a sign of infection or just maybe the semen mixed with some remaining blood from the period and turned it pink?


I guess the only way is to go to the doctor, huh?  Any chance it's and STD (there was some incidents both my husband and I are aware of that could be possibly but these symptoms do not seem to coincide with those incidents).

I'm the type of person though who worries a lot so until I get to the doctor and know for sure I am going to be sitting around worrying about this!

Re: What type of infection could this be?

  • The only way indeed is to see a physician.
  • yep, time to call the doctor. Not only to get rid of whatever is going on but to ease your mind as well.
  • I'm curious why you think it could be an STD....sounds fishy to me (no pun intended).

    Go to the doc. Thats the only way to know....

  • Yeah, you need to see a dr.


    I'm curious why you think it could be an STD....sounds fishy to me (no pun intended). 

    I'm curious about this too.

  • it could be a yeast infection, it could be b.v. or it could it chlamydia, gonorrhea or tric, or none of the above.

    don't try to treat it yourself, because that generally makes it worse because you are treating what you think you have, not what you really have.

    just be on the safe side and go to the doc, and i would not have sex until its all cleared up.

  • image TarponMonoxide:
    The only way indeed is to see a physician.
  • I can't say for the rest, but the 'pink' coming out happens to me almost every time we have 'soon after period sex'. Just a little mixture going on there!
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