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Favorite lubricant?

Fiance and I both have sensitive skin and are V's.  Any suggestions for a water-based lubricant for our wedding night?


Re: Favorite lubricant?

  • I'm not sure if it's water based or not (but it's compatable wih condoms), but we like Astroglide.  I have very sensitive skin too.  Make sure you try it out on yourselves before your wedding night to be sure you're not allergic.
  • we use plain old KY. i suggest staying away from the warming least for your first time.
  • I second Astroglide. It has worked well for us too.
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  • We often just use Saliva
  • Since KY is water based, I would suggest that.

  • DO NOT try the 'His/Her" KY for your first time and especially if you have sensitive skin. That sh!t is not fun to play with. The jel for her makes it feel like you have icey/hot on your girl and the jel for him hardly feels like a lube, its very dry type, almost like putting a light layer of baby oil on your skin, and when everything is all said and done his member is left there to have a burning feeling.  Our experience with it overall was not pleasant. Try regular KY or the Astroglide. And like other pps have said, try it on yourself first before honeymoon, maybe while you masterbate or whatever.
  • DH loves ID lube and I dont complain! Its nice and thick... and I have no problems with my uber sensitive skin.

    I +1 more for trying things WAY before hand... dont want anything to go wrong the night of!


  • I guess i'm sensitive too. I tried KY and astroglide and they weren't too bad, but still burned a little. We use a kind called JO. I don't know if it's water based or not, but it the only thing i have found that doesnt burn me at all, and i have tried a bunch! We are probabaly all different though, so i dont know what works for you. I would try out some first. We were virgins on our wedding night and we used astroglide, and it wasnt bad. So far, JO is the only kind that you really cant feel. And if you do use KY, i would recommend the liquid type. I didnt like the KY jelly because it was really sticky and tacky feeling. You want something smoothe. Good luck! :)
  • I found some lube called Slippery Stuff and it's the best ever. It even comes in a larger bottle with a pump on it. (It come in handy sometimes.) I've been using it for years and all my friends use it too.
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