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Complain about your T-Day Here.

I'll start.

I spent Thanksgiving with my ILs. They are nice people who mean well enough, but very odd. We spent the meal watching TV and not really talking; FIL drank himself into a drunken stupor and passed out. Then at the end of the evening, when we were putting away the leftovers, we could hear FIL stumble into the bathroom and barf all over the place.


Then when DH told his brother that I passed the bar, BIL's response was, "haven't we congratulated her enough, lately." Ha! Right in front of me! 

This Thanksgiving, I am truly thankful for MY family. 

Anyone else? 


Re: Complain about your T-Day Here.

  • Can I complain about today instead?  Thanksgiving was pretty good.  This is my c&p of my vent from parenting.

    DH went to work at 4:30am. (By choice--he's the boss, he sets his hours).  He said yesterday that he would watch DD so I could go shopping with my Mom, asked what time he needed to be home.  I said whenever it was good for him, he said he'd be home at 3 at the latest. 

    He just calls--asks if it's cool if he stays until 5 since he's not going in tomorrow morning. I ask if I can go shopping tomorrow then, since he'll be home so late tonight and isn't going in tomorrow.  He says "oh, I'm still going in, just not in the morning.  You can take her and go shopping while I am at work."  Only now he's going in to work in the afternoon (hello, nap time), so that doesn't work.  Not only that, but HIS friends are coming over in the morning (hence the real reson he's not going in tomorrow morning).

    Thanks a lot, DH.  I can go shopping anytime with DD.  The whole point was that I was going to shop without her.  Not only that, but since you just called now to tell me, you gave me no way to make alternative plans (like shopping early with DD and my Mom), since she needs to nap in an hour and a half.

    I know it's just shopping, but I was really looking forward to it.  Also, you'd think he could at least say "I'm sorry," instead of acting like I'm the jerk.  By the time he gets home, it'll be 5:30, and it takes me 45 minutes (min.) to get to my Mom's.  The mall we were going to go to closes at 9.  So we'd basically have 2 hours to shop by the time we'd get there.

    DH is usually really great, and I'm not one to ***, I'm just really, really disappointed.Sad

  • (((((LMW!))))))

    That sounds awful!!  

    Katie, I'm sorry for your day, too.  It's really not fair of your DH!

    My TGiving was really okay.  We went to the ILs, and the food was all very good.  BIL and DH are still in a fight (meaning that BIL overreacted to DH calling him out for being flat out wrong) from AUGUST, but BIL seemed to have made a slight effort to be less of a douche.  He spoke to us for the first time in months and made direct eye contact.  Hopefully he's just going to forget about it.

    Then we had to drive an hour to go to my brother and SIL's house to see my family to celebrate DH's birthday (which was last weekend).  B and SIL gave DH a set of Le Creuset cooking utensils in a nice container that was on MY Amazon wishlist.  DH does like to cook, but he now feels like B and SIL thinks he's super gay.  

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  • LMW - that is seriously a movie clip, or at least a good reality show. I'm sorry. 

     And KatieAggie, I totally get you. It is complete different shopping with your child and shopping alone.  And you were looking forward to it.  My DH does the same thing every now and then and it drives me mad.  We're celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow night here and I spent all day today cooking with DD under foot, yet anytime he wants to do anything it's "can you watch her, I need to do such-and-such". Um, hello, I'm with her all day and manage, but I digress.  Sorry, it's just your story got my "pressure" up -as my grandma used to say.

     Like I said, we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet, but plan to tomorrow. I have a pre-dinner vent.  A "friend" of mine just sent me a text message to say she and her family may not be coming.  I'm fairly certain this is because she is upset because I haven't been calling her enough lately (i.e. not every day).  Because this is junior high. 

  • Ugh, I'm sorry, ladies.

    Dear MIL: the reason I didn't wipe up those grains of rice from the counter was because I was not done scooping rice out of the container onto my plate and was going to clean it up after I finished instead of immediately the very second they touched the countertop.  

    Also, sst is wearing seventeen layers of clothing/blankets and it's 80 degrees in here - she is not cold


    That is all.

  • I'm sorry, ladies. I hope that the rest of your long weekends are all fabulous! 

    I had a pretty good Thanksgiving. My parents are overbearing, but my two brothers are hilarious and awesome. Also, my brother's girlfriend (who sucked really badly) just moved out. He's feeling pretty low, so hopefully fam time will help.

    The cruddiest part was when my grandmother, who has demetia, asked if I had a boyfriend. It just really got me down -- H and I used to go see her EVERY Sunday and play rummy. She loved him, and I know he loved going to see her. Three weeks since he stopped coming around, and it's like three years of visits never happened. I don't know why it bothered me so... her forgetting things usually doesn't. I took it personally and I should not have.

  • It was just me, DH, and my brother, so if anyone was the obnoxious family member, it was me. :)

    Everything went pretty well.  My brother's not all that talkative, so it's kind of tricky to figure out what to say, but we managed somehow.

    Clearly I was concerned about my friend and her uncle most of the day, but I guess my Thanksgiving-related woe was that I got food poisoning.  I never get sick, so it was pretty miserable.  Luckily DH isn't grossed out by sick people.  (I was the only one who got sick, so I'm blaming it on my undiagnosed lactose intolerance ;)

  • Well we went to Dh's grandmas. In her house, the grandkids that need her most (aka the loser ones who always ask to borrow money because they can't get their ish together) are the favorites. So, while Dh's cousin who has always been the favorite because she's the only girl, AND she asks for them to cosign on stuff all the time, gets to sit at the grown up table in the dining with her boyfriend who she's shacked up with, DH and I have to sit with his little brothers in the other room.

    I may be a little bitter.

  • Sorry about everyone's bad experiences.  It makes me feel guilty my day went pretty well.

    DH  & I went to my cousin's house for lunch. Everyone got along well and the food was great.

    Last night we were to go to our friend's house. That is a Thanksgiving night tradition. But when we got home late yesterday afternoon we got a message that her daughter was sick so they were cancelling the evening get together. The only thing that sucked about it was that we had no food in the house since we were going to the grocery today and the few leftovers we had DS and his friends wiped out the night before. So I had DH complaining he was starving the entire night last night! DH rarely complains but when he does it is like the biggest catostrophe in the world has happened to him!

  • Mine was actually alright this year for once. I think it's cause we got a hotel, so we knew we could leave anytime we wanted to escape the craziness. Nobody annoyed me too much except when my dad's cousin went on a rant about taxes.

    DH, me, and my 26-year-old cousin were still banished to the kids' table and ended up having a discussion about what mixers (if any) go well with 151 and whether it's acceptable to drink beer with pumpkin pie.

  • image jessawakawaii:

    Well we went to Dh's grandmas. In her house, the grandkids that need her most (aka the loser ones who always ask to borrow money because they can't get their ish together) are the favorites. So, while Dh's cousin who has always been the favorite because she's the only girl, AND she asks for them to cosign on stuff all the time, gets to sit at the grown up table in the dining with her boyfriend who she's shacked up with, DH and I have to sit with his little brothers in the other room.

    I may be a little bitter.

    I know exactly how you feel!! My cousins are the same way. They live in a house my grandparents bought, take as much money as they can get with no intention of repaying, and basically take everything of any value, sentimental or otherwise, that isn't nailed down. Bitter doesn't even begin to describe how I feel Angry

    But my T-Day wasn't so bad this year because I didn't spend it with that side of the family! 

  • Im sorry that some of you had stressful thanksgivings :( Makes me grateful tohave a pretty drama free family. We spent it with my side of the family this year. My grandma did talk ALL.THE.TIME about her ceramics class and the different things you can use to make patterns, so it was a little difficult to make conversaiton with her. She is very artsy, very suzy homemaker. I am SO not. That is really the only thing I have to complain about though, so I feel very very lucky.?

    We saw 4 Chritmases and it was AWESOME. Really. Go see it.?

  • I have no complaints other than that MIL forgot to make the mashed potatoes. My husband's family has a foreign exchange student from Germany living with them so it was fun to celebrate the holiday with her. She took pictures of the table full of food to send to her family - so cute. She also did not understand "Black Friday." We felt pretty gluttonous and materialistic explaining our traditions to her :)
  • image Elizabeth81:

    DH, me, and my 26-year-old cousin were still banished to the kids' table and ended up having a discussion about what mixers (if any) go well with 151 and whether it's acceptable to drink beer with pumpkin pie.

    I love that this is conversation at the kids' table.?

  • My parents (well, really my mom) don't enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner anymore so when we travel down south to visit them we go to the cafeteria in town for some overly salted Southern style cooking. ?It is not my ideal, but it is fine. ?We usually go in the late afternoon. ?Earlier this week when I talked to my dad I told him we'd be there by 2:00 or 3:00 on Thursday, "in time to go eat." ?So we pull up around 2:30 to find that my parents have just eaten lunch. WTF? ?We purposefully didn't eat much on the trip down because we expected to be eating shortly after we got there. ?Of course there is nothing to eat in my parents house and DH and I are both starving, And annoyed. ?We made an escape to try and find something to eat somewhere and of course nothing was open except the cafeteria. ?So we just went and ate our Thanksgiving meal there alone. And then went back with my parents later in the evening and did it again!?

    My parents suck. ?Seriously, I've had it. ?This will be the last time I drive six plus hours to visit them for Thanksgiving only to find them just doing whatever the hell they want to do. ?If that is the way it is going to be, why not just visit them some other random weekend? ?I'd much prefer to cook my own food in my own house. ?In addition, I find it somewhat annoying that I am six months pregnant and they have not bought a single stitch of clothing or toy or anything for the baby. ?We've been flooded with stuff from every other member of our family. ?I was hoping when we were down here that they would offer to by us our car seat or something, but nothing. They certainly don't owe us anything, but in general they are just selfish, stingy and completely clueless.

    Thanks for letting me vent. ?We head back this morning and not a moment too soon.?

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  • drama free day here as well.   Thanksgiving Day was pretty low key - just my immediate family was around.  Then Black Friday was pretty mellow as well.  Gotta say this holiday season has been good so far.
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  • Thanks for sharing! And I'm glad many people had pretty good days.

    My FIL ended up calling and apologizing profusely for his inebriation. It doesn't change the fact that he practically ruined Thanksgiving. But I accept his apology. 

  • I had a pretty mellow day as well, luckily. It was the the 4 of us, over at my parents' house. The food was great, and ocverstaion was fine; there's very little drama between DH and my folks.

    The only sad part was that Lucky, my parents' dog, died about a month or so ago, and my stepdad is still a MESS about it. He's a very manly, stoic guy, so I know he hates showing emotion. My mom kept taking about how great Lucky was, and brought up cute little things about him. Meanwhile, my SD's face was all screwed up, and he was trying really hard not to lose it. I was really wishing my mom would just shut up already!

    I hope they get another dog soon; they are the kind of people who NEED a companion.

  • it was pretty good, actually. my mom whines that we didn't see here enough, so we went back to her house from my dad's the next day and half the time she was raking leaves outside. I almost wanted to get DH and leave right then. Whats the point? She always does that - she doesn't know how to actually "be with" her company.
  • Despite the wife and I beening together for nearly 5 years, this was my first thanksgiving. I really enjoyed the food, had a great discussion about faith with my MIL, and then spent the afternoon completely baffled by the people in armour running into each other. Or football, as its called.
    It was great!
  • My Thanksgiving was pretty good, with surprisingly little drama, but it was just me, DH, my parents and my sister. The only really annoying thing was that my mother kept complaining about how we don't visit them enough, and that our visits are too short. Yeah, hearing you complain over and over again really makes me want to visit more often. Confused
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  • Ah good, I need to unload.

    DH decided not to pick a fight over the chauffering of his mom's friend.  So after getting the turkey in the oven at 11:30 he got in the car to go pick this woman up and bring her over and did not get back until 1:15.  During which time MIL just wanted to watch Jon and Kate + 8, so I did that.  The day was hectic with the cooking and waiting on MIL and her friend.  Then DH had to bring the friend home, so he left at 7 and didn't get back until a little after 9, during which time I had to watch more Jon and Kate with MIL.  By 10:00, I was super cranky because I was full, tired, and just wanted to sit on the couch with DH and sip wine and relax, so I just waited and waited and waited for MIL to go to bed.  Finally at 10:45 she announced she wanted to watch the rest of some show we had DVR'd for her on public television, so I gave up, cranky and went to bed having felt like I hadn't seen my husband all day. 

    The rest of the weekend was fine though...MIL took us out to eat a few times and we had a nice day in Napa with her so it worked.  But T-Day night, I was just really cranky and bitter and jealous of people who live near their families and can just drive away at the end of the night.

  • I'm sorry so many people had stressful T Days!!! Mine was pretty good. We went over to my mom's and Mom and I cooked all day, which I love. We drank a bit too much, but we had a good time. Went shopping Black Friday and Saturday and got some good stuff (mostly for myself... whoops!) I'm SO looking forward to December 17th when I fly back to DC for three weeks for the holidays! It's going to be SO relaxing!
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  • More sympathy for those that had rough t-days. Ours was fine. Went and saw a movie and then headed over the DH's family for dinner. Didn't cook a thing, took some leftovers home and that's that.
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  • I'm not on this board but I'd love to complain. I thought my Thanksgiving was great! It was my first time hosting and everything went smoothly......until Saturday when we got calls from half of our guest had FOOD POISONING! One of the dishes that a guest brought, corn casserole, made everyone that ate it sick. Thankfully me and DH didn't eat it...  I feel bad for my friend who made it and my friends that were sick.   
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