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Urgent Prayer Request!

I imagine prayers and thoughts are with all of the victims and families of the Mumbai terrorist attacks right now anyway, but I received a text message from my good friend who's living over there telling me that her uncle is one of the hostages at the Oberoi Hotel, so extra prayers, thoughts, etc. would be great.  Couldn't hurt, right?


Re: Urgent Prayer Request!

  • oh wow - that's so scary!!  Extra prayers/thoughts going out to him and his family. 
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  • That's horrible! Sending good thoughts his way.

    Sorry to hear that - I hope all will be ok.


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  • That is horrible!!
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  • Oh no MD. ?That's awful news. ?I will definitely keep him in my prayers.
  • That is awful.  I will definitely keep him and his family in my thoughts. Hopefully this will be over soon and everyone can get home safe and sound.
  • Thanks everyone!  I received word around 1:30 that my friend's uncle was released.  (Sorry for not telling you guys sooner - I was half asleep at the time and just woke up).

    I can only imagine the psychological effect this whole ordeal has had on him and his family, so even with this incredible news, I know this is not the end.

    Terrorists suck, particularly the masterminds.

    Thanks again. Smile

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