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Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving ladies! I'm up early starting to cook and really missing home and being with my extended family. DH and I invivted one of my classmates who also didn;t go home for the break, so I'm still excited about our first "Cajun Thanksgiving" Hope everyone has a great safe day!

Re: Happy Turkey Day!

  • DH and I dodged the bullet with making dinner this year. We're headed to my aunts later today after DH runs in a 5k "Gobble Wobble." Then DH's family is having their Thanksgiving dinner Saturday, so we get 2 turkey dinners this week.?


    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a safe and happy holiday!?

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!  I really wanted to sleep in since I'm on call tonight, but I couldn't sleep past 6:30.  I'll try to nap again soon I guess.
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  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    Dh and I are headed to the IL's this afternoon but in the mean time we have time to ourselves.  We are just going to enjoy our day off from work.  Haha poor dh has to work tomorrow but not I.  Lucky me gets a 4 day weekend!

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


    We are headed to my mom's today & it's her bday as well ?=) ?Enjoy the holiday ladies!!!?

  • Happy Thanksgiving all! ?DH and I are getting together with 5 other couples from our building for dinner. ?We might be stopping by his family's gathering before that, depending on time.

    ?Other than that, using the day off to catch up on a TON of housework.?

  • My turkey is in the roaster.. I'm not sure if I tied the legs right.. Hmm...


    Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!!

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!! DH and I are off to "run" a 5K Turkey trot--we are walking.  A bunch of teachers from my school are running--we have gator tatoos(our mascot is the gator) and are ready to have fun.  We are cooking Thanksgiving for the first time together--just the 2 of us.  Missing family too but I am happy to start new traditions.
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  • I'm going to be starting my apple coffee cake very shortly and then DH and I will be heading to my aunt's house for dinner around 1. I don't think we're going to be seeing the IL's at all today, but we usually spend our holidays with just my family anyway.

    Have a happy turkey day!! 


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  • Happy Thanksgiving!!


    We're loading up as I type (heh heh, save energy for all the cooking we have left!) to head over to my Aunt's house. After a late lunch, we're going to DH's family's house for dessert.


    Should be a great day!?

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  • Happy Thanksgiving! DH and I are going to my family's house later :)
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  • It's our first Thanksgiving as a MRS!  Enjoy it!
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  • same to you!!!!
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  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

    I had to stay at work until 330 this morning because there were 2 emergency surgery cases that I had to stay for.  And now, I have to be back at work at 2 this afternoon.  DH has to work at 3 as well so we might just hit up a local restaurant that is having a T-giving spread.  I also have to work a full day tomorrow.  In-laws and my dad are coming up Saturday for the Mizzou game so I am hoping for some left overs.  :)  

    Good news is, since I am doing all this for Thanksgiving at work; I will be off Christmas Eve all the way until the Monday after Christmas.  I COULD be off the Friday before (like the 19th) until the Monday after, but I don't think I want to use that much PTO.

    Wow, that was long.  Haha.  Nothing better to do, I guess. 


  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Turkey is in the oven (and smells good!!), ham is in the slow cooker and the house is clean!! (I had to take pictures to document this RARE occasion!) Now we just need our families to show up. It's my mom's birthday today so it should be a fun dinner.

  • We just got back from Atlanta, where we ate with my family at my grandma's.

    I looked at DH while we were sitting on the couch and said, "Happy Thanksgiving, husband!"

    We were all giggly like we were on the honeymoon. Smile

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • I was super busy cooking all day yesterday, but Happy Belated Thanksgiving!
  • Happy Thanksgiving :) (late!!)
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