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mini vent: DH I love you, but your bugging me

So Dh is 'working from home' today. It's more like he keeps doing little things to drive me up the wall.

1. When I was watching TV in the living room he came in and changes the channel. He is suppose to be working!?! He said I wasn't watching it b/c I was trying to BF DS.

2. He had to mail something. Here is how our conversation went.

him: Where is there a mailbox near by?

me: Yeah, At the post office over on Zelza and Chatsworth

him: Oh yeah, at the UPS store
me: No at the post office, right next to TJ Max. There is even a drive through mailbox  behind Baker's Square
him: Oh yeah, you mean the Mail Box Etc.
me: No I mean the post office! There is a post office there, why aren't you listening to me?
him: I thought you meant something else, like the UPS store or whatever.

Ugh, just listen to me!

3. DS was getting sleepy and Dh wanted to put him down for his nap. DH pick him up and stands up in the living room w/ the TV blasting and starts trying to put him to sleep. I tell him, it would be easier to get him to sleep if he put him to sleep in the quiet of our room. He proceeds to go to the room and turn on the TV in there and put him to sleep. Ai!

Luckily he'll redeem himself by helping me w/ the Christmas decorations on Friday. God Bless him!

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Re: mini vent: DH I love you, but your bugging me

  • I must be in the air because my h has been doing bonehead moves all day! The conversation about the mail box sounds identical to something that happened around here a few days ago.

    Today h decided to finally put up thew ceiling fan in Reese's room. I've only been asking him to do it since June but it has to be done right now because his parents are coming to see the house for the first time. While I appreciate him putting it up, why did he have to wait until Reese's nap time to get around to it? I told him he was going to have to wait and he insisted that he can't because it'll get too dark. D'uh! That's why I've been asking you to hang it so that there would be an overhead light in there! Of course he waited until I went downstairs and tried to do it now, waking Reese in the process!



  • LOL.  I feel your pain.  I love mine so much but lately he's been so super needy.  Yesterday we had an argument at 5:30 am (I had just finished BF the baby) and he was leaving for work.  He was feeling like I don't love him anymore.  For GOSH sakes.  As if I don't have enough going on right now.  By the time he gets home from work I'm super exhausted, still trying to get into the swing of things.  And the last thing I feel like doing right now is "IT"

    We talked about it later and he felt really stupid.  It's just an adjustment I know and he knows but I'm really hoping that he will snap out of it so I don't have to worry about if I'm making him feel loved  every minute of every day.  I do love him and I feel he should know that.  LOL.  There's just extra chaos going on at our house right now.


    Wow, thanks for posting this, I guess I needed to vent too!  HAHA.


    And mine did the tv change while I was BFing too.  So annoying!



  • I feel your pain. ?The only reason I don't have a DH vent is because he has been at work since Sunday. ?Good DH, but boy when he is off on his 4 day( 4 days off in a row), he really gets on my nerves!
  • awww you guys are soo funny....

    Dont you wish you could record it all and show it to him later... that would be fun.

  • Jenn---Matt did the same thing the other night.  I asked him to put up the shelves in Katies room-the ones we had since before she was born!  Yea, those ones that have been sitting behind the glider for 12+ months.  So, he waits until 8:10pm to do it.  I was giving Katie her bath and getting her ready for bed, well, it was 9:30 before he was finished and Katie was SOOOO tired-poor thing!
  • we've had bare wires in our dining room where the ceiling fan used to be... SINCE MAY. H put the new light up this morning. sheesh.
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