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MARTINI I need you!

OK, I was at the doctor's on Monday, and they told me that you don't get your period at all on Mirena.  Is that true?  I have never seen that in the info I've read, and now I feel like an idiot!

I am going to go look at the Mirena website until you come on to answer me!

Re: MARTINI I need you!

  • I'm not martini...not even a good substitute!  But, I have Mirena.

    I've had it 7 months, and still get my period.  It's a lot lighter (mostly just spotting), but it's still there for now.

    It is possible that you may stop getting it altogether, though. 

  • I got my period for the first 3 mos but it was mostly just spotting (heavier spotting the first month and then the 2 mos following it was barely anything), but they lasted a week, 9 days and 13 days.  This past month I got the cramps and PMS, but only spotted 2 times (not 2 days, but only 2 times and didn't even need to use anything).  I think mine have stopped now...last period I had was October 1 and I've had my Mirena since July 1.

    Also, I got mine inserted on day 3 of my period and my period stopped the next day.  I went from my natural hormones to the Mirena, so it might be different if you go from BCPs to the Mirena.

    Not everyone stops their periods and some people spot for a few months straight.

    Good luck!  I hope you like the Mirena as much as I do.

  • Wifey, you are a GREAT sub for Martini, although I do still require the real thing pretty regularly  :) 

    I am really looking forward to getting it.  I have not been to my regular OB-GYN to discuss it yet - I couldn't get an appt until January.  But I woke up with a UTI on Monday, so I went to Planned Parenthood for meds.  I was talking to an RN there and she told me that you don't get a period at all when you're on Mirena, which I had never heard, so I was just curious.

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