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Long time, no post. (Rant).

Hi everyone!  I haven't been around much - I know.  It?s only because the husband and I purchased a new king size bed and have been having lots of sex with both vaginal, but mostly *clitoral orgasms!! With all the new positions we've been trying, I?m plain spent.


We have been going at it like bunnies!  Bunnies can have lots of babies because they have a gestation period of only about 28 days!  It?s a good thing my husband had a *vasectomy after his third daughter! I don?t have to be on *the pill!   


Anyway, have a wonderful weekend! Happy lovemaking!! 


To those who are trying to conceive; get at it and good luck!!!!  To those who are not; good luck too!! 


I'm Out.


* * * * * * * 

The clit: *the highly sensitive little ?button? above the urethra opening and right below where your labia or "lips" meet (at the top). When stimulated (before, during or after sex) will almost surely provide you with an orgasm.  You clit can be stimulated by using your fingers, your husband's fingers, a vibrator, the lube bottle, the flow from the shower, a back massager, etc.


A vasectomy: *the only way a penis doesn?t have sperm coming out of it almost the entire time it?s in your vagina during sex.


*the pill: One of the other many forms of birth control.



Re: Long time, no post. (Rant).

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