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Need Help with babys 1st brithday...

It amazes me how these things manage to get out of hand.  DH and I had planned on doing something small at our house for our daughters first birthday...and now we are looking at close to 30 people!

I've got food and decorations taken care of....is there anything else?

What do you do for a 1st birthday?

A couple of kids from her playgroup are coming with their parents - do I need to put together treat bags for them??

Im totally lost! Any direction would be MUCH appreciated!


Re: Need Help with babys 1st brithday...

  • My son has never gotten treat bags for a first birthday party. Hey! I jsut noticed your in SB we live in Goleta.?
  • We kept things pretty simple for DS's first birthday.  We had about 30 people, mostly adults.  The children that we had were mostly older (cousins, friends), and only one his age.  We did do treat bags...they included cars and tattoos for the boys, bracelets and little picture frames for the girls and then an assortment of little candies (animal crackers for the one year old).  We had pizza, chips, dips, a veggie tray, and cake and ice cream.  We had a few decorations.  The party didn't last too long.  Mostly just time for eating, a little socializing, and then everyone watched DS open his presents and smash his cake.  It sounds like you have it under control!  Have fun!
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  • invites, food, drink, decorations, cake ( PLUS a mini cake if you want the baby to have one to destroy), candles, thank you notes.

    Do you have a theme?  Are the kids attending older...like old enough to need activities or are they all infants and toddlers? Gift bags would be cute, but if you don't do them, it's not a crime.

    I would set up a play zone...so kids are fully involved with playing and parents can help each other watch over all of the kiddies.

    Depending upon how helpful your H is, have someone on hand to help you to manage the baby and also keep the party going.  You can't be rocking a fussy kid and also setting up the food...so you have to think of who is going to help you.

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  • How many kids will you have, and what is the age range?

    DD's 1st birthday party got out of control, people wise last year. We had almost 60 people at our house! Anyway, about 25 were kids, aged infant to 8 yrs old. For the kids we had a pinata (kids and adults of all ages love a pinata), we had a craft area set up with paper, crayons, markers, stickers. I actually had brown paper bags for the kids to decorate and then use as their candy bags for the pinata. We also have an air hockey and foosball table so that entertained the older kids. I also set up DD's toys in another area - kids just love playing with other kids toys.

    I've found that trying to do an organized craft is just impossible, so just have things set up that the kids can play with themselves, or with their parents.

    We did goody bags. Check out the kiddie party aisle of walmart - they usually have cute, cheaper things for a goody bag. This year I am stealing an idea my friend did - she just gave each kid a small ball (Care Bear/Princess/Cars design) wrapped in tissue paper. Simple and I know my DD loved hers. FWIW we've never been to a kids bday party where they didn't have at least something to take home.

  • It sounds like you have everything covered.

     There really isn't any way that I can say this any nicer and I don't mean it to personally offend at ALL. Will you have any adults there that don't have children? If so, I would highly recommend having alcohol for them and/or a room that they are able to be adults. I'm sure your DD is adorable and extremely lovable, but for adults w/o kids a kids' birthday party can be awkward because all of the crafts and activities are centered around kids and most of the other adults that have kids are assisting their kids... 

    I'm sure it will be great! You'll get some great pics of her attacking the cake, or the cake attacking her, whichever way it works out :) 

  • We did a Birthday tablecloth that everyone signed and wrote a memory of his first year or a hope for next year on. PIBlog under DIY projects. ?I just bought a white tablecloth at Target and some fabric markers. I plan on having people sign/write on it every year.?
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