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personal stuff vent


Re: personal stuff vent

  • There is on perfect way to handle this.  Ups and downs are normal.  Feeling good for a period is normal.  Feeling like crap for a period is normal. Feeling like crap for a while longer is normal.

    You are grieving and that is what this looks like.  Letting yourself really feel what is going on is good for you.  As much as you want to stuff these feelings away, better to go through them now than later.

    I also want to recommend personal counseling.  If nothing else, it's an hour a week where you to get to focus on only you.  Friends are great, but they all bring their own agenda and history to a conversation.  Please consider it, okay?

  • Thanks so much for your kind words, all. It really does mean a lot.

    So, to update, I did see exH last night and told him that we need some time apart--no hanging out, texting or talking. It was really hard--I didn't realize how much I'd still been depending on him. Of course he was so nice and understanding about it, which made it even harder and made me doubt all my decisions. The ball is in my court, so I'll just see how long I can hold out.  I miss him so much already and hate the thought of not having him in my life. But, I guess he blew that when he cheated on me all those times. I know it will get easier every day, but ugh.

    Now, to less-than-gracefully change the subject...

    image brideymcbriderson:

    Hey Brookles, where are you considering for grad school? It's OK if you don't want to say.

    BTW, I don't think that I've ever mentioned how much I love your handle. I wish I'd thought of it for myself. You clearly have the best name ever. Wink

    Agreed! Wink

    I'm looking at Simmons in Boston, and should probably look into some warmer options, too. I'm most seriously considering doing a distance learning program so I can stay at my job while I get my learnin' on.

  • jumping in late here, but wanted to give you my hugs too!!

    ditto all pp's and personally I feel you really just need to get this stuff out and not that you're really looking for advice per se.  Vent to us all you want - we want you to keep your sanity so we can have logical debates!  Otherwise we'll send you over to the crazies on the baby boards Wink

    <img src="" width="200px">
  • I have no advice, and I'm way late to this as well.


    If there's anything we can do... we're all here for you.  Feel free to vent/rant/cry on our virtual shoulders.

    You're incredibly brave and strong.  You will get through this!

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