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Where to even begin packing???

I just don't know where to start. I mean I guess I could start just doing massive loads of laundry, but then part of me wants to wait and use my brand new front loader that's waiting for me at the new house. Ugh, motivation

Re: Where to even begin packing???

  • oh no!! I would start with books and knick knacks and things you don't use everyday. Just remember your nice new house you are going to, that should up the motivation!!
  • I would start packing stuff away that you don't use on an everyday basis. Then as it gets closer to moving time, start packing items up by room. When we moved it was much easier to unpack when we had each box labeled as to what room it went to.

     Oh and I agree- think of your nice new house. That should be motivation enough. Big Smile

  • I would tackle a room or an area a day.  My only regret is not purging before we moved...if you have the time, it's the perfect opportunity.  That way, you are only moving things that you need/use.  Good luck...moving is such a chore but the end result is a great new house!
  • I usually start with stuff I'm not using-likes books and stuff. It is also helpful to have that shelf space open for organizing piles and stuff later. I also pack all the out of season clothes early on as well.
  • I would do as much laundry as possible. I can't imagine moving lots of dirty laundry. You'll have plenty of time to use your new w&d.


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  • I have packing down to a science thanks to recently finishing school, summer internships and a 1 year out of state full-time job.

    #1 - Start with a purge!  Clothes you don't wear, books, furniture that doesn't fit the new house, old small appliances you plan to replace, etc.  I see you are getting really close to move time so a garage sale is probably out of the question, but there is always donation.

    #2 - Off season clothes that should already be stored away and therefore easily packable.  I like to use boxes for these since I usually already have them in space saver vacuum bags.  Also pack up extra bedding, towels, and any bath stuff you don't use on a regular basis.

    #3 - Books, movies, picture frames, mirrors and knick knacks.  Do it based on where they are going in the new house and label the box as such.  I even made a list of everything that was in each box for reference later.  Getting the "stuff" out of the way makes cleaning easier.  Clean the furniture as you clear it off so you don't transport dust to your new house.

    #4 - Food, dishes and pots.  Hopefully you've been trying to use up perishable and half-bags of stuff.  Pack all of the non-perishable food that is worth taking (spices get expensive to replace).  Once the food is gone, pack up the pots and dishes.  Keep some paper and plastic ware (including cups) available. 

    #5 - Current clothes and bedding.  Hanging rod boxes are worth the money. 

  • Start by packing things that you don't need in the near future before the move.  Save the stuff you use everyday for last.
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