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Just in case anyone knows magic

Hello.  I just shrunk a new sweater.  I was supposed to lay it flat to dry and I forgot and tossed it into the dryer.  It is a Merino blend.

I washed it again and then tried to stretch it back out.  It is still a size too small.  I had DH put it on wet to see (and I hoped it would stretch back out).

I am thinking I just bought a pricey rag.  Just posting in case someone has had success.  TIA.

Re: Just in case anyone knows magic

  • I believe what you have experienced is what in science is called "irreversible change". ?Sorry but there is no way to unshrink something that has shrunk. ?I had the same thing happen to me and even my dry cleaner has told me so.
  • Eek! Yeah, unfortunately I agree!

    That sucks!

    Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14

  • Wow, bummer.  I'm sorry! 
  • It's permanent - sorry :-(

    Do you know anyone smaller than yourself (kids?) you could give the sweater to?

  • Sorry!  I had that happen to a sweater - I'll never be able to wear it again but my neice may be able to in a year or two :)
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  • My husband has shrunk several of my good sweaters and I have tried everything to get them back to normal- unfortunately nothing works. Sorry to hear about your sweater, it sucks when that happens. 
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  • There is something you can do!  Try this before you give up.  My roommate 2 years ago dryed a very expensive sweater of mine and I thought that it was ruined.  My told me to take it to the dry cleaners and ask them to "block it out."  Whatever they do stretches the fibers evenly and can restore your sweater :)

    I hope this works for you :)

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