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How many t-shirts are too many?

FI and I are going to do some thorough cleaning in our apartment while we are off work over the Thanksgiving break.  We live in his apartment so what is the best way to clean without getting frustrated with each other.  Basically, I am tired of having to keep some of my work clothes in a suitcase while he has a closet full of t-shirts that he never wears.  We are going to get new carpet next month so we have to clean/downsize now.

 Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: How many t-shirts are too many?

  • Cut the space (closet, dresser, etc.) in half.  Each person gets to keep whatever they want in their half.  Good luck!
  •  My rule on t-shirts is what I can wear in the course of a week to work, in the course of a week at home and a few that I love for sentimentalities sake.

    Get rid of them...if you can talk him into it you'll never miss them. Most people wear the same 3 or 4 over and over again any ways.

    And ditto pp. You each get half and can do whatever. Closet organizers, extra shelving, rolling carts and shoe racks are also pretty beneficial for things org. a closet.

  • Try tossing out what you (and FI) have not worn in a year. This should help clear up some clutter!
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  • imageKMS416:
    Try tossing out what you (and FI) have not worn in a year. This should help clear up some clutter!

    Ditto thats what 'we' do! read; that is my rule, H has to deal w/it....& b/c he hasn't worn the stuff in so long, he doesn't notice when/if its gone! Sometimes I take stuff out & hide it in my secret place & see how long it takes for him to notice....after 6 months, I donate it!!

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  • MH has way too many.  He swears he wears them all.  He also swore that he would notice if I tossed any of them, threatening to throw out some of my clothes in revenge.  As long as they fit in his drawers (even if he shoves them in there) I guess it's ok.  But I have caught him stashing some on his closet shelf so I think it's time for a t-shirt intervention.
  • Can he put the shirts he wants to hold onto in the suitcase instead of your work clothes?
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  • First, you should both write down the things that bother you about the apartment.  (ie, you want a bigger space to hang your dress clothes).  Listen to each other's list and decide which issues to tackle first.  This way, you both have the opportunity to vent and it will help you both to get on the same page.   

    As far as the issues that you mentioned: Could you split the closet in half - you get half he gets half.  I'm guessing that he is like most guys is attached to his t-shirts.  Why not have him store his t-shirts in the suitcase??  He can rotate them as he wants. 

    Also, you don't talk about the dressers that you have.  Are they sturdy?  Do they have good storage?  (some dressers have tiny drawers that aren't good for anything).  Could you get a new dresser to store some of this t-shirts in/give you more space?

    GL and let us know how it works out for you. 


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  • You could also turn a bunch of those old T-shirts into rags. They're a great replacement for paper towels! Tear a bunch of T-shirts up, especially the really old worn ones and use 'em to wipe down furniture, etc. and just throw them in with the laundry and reuse for next time.
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