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I am so overwhelmed!

All our furniture and boxes were delivered to our apartment a week ago Friday. We have set up the kitchen, mostly set up our bedroom and the living room is set up but disorganized. Help! I still have another bedroom to go and just want to sit on the couch and watch TV! There's nothing in there that we need right away. But DH is constantly telling people that they're more than welcome to come over... the place is a mess!!! This is mainly my job b/c DH is working 60 hours a week and I haven't found a job yet. I'm definitely more motivated when he is here and can do it with me but I feel so guilty asking him to do any work when he gets home after such long days and weeks.

I feel like the house needs to be cleaned, but can't do it around the boxes!

Any advice is welcomed!!! TIA!

Re: I am so overwhelmed!

  • I know this feeling all too well! ?

    You've got to set yourself some goals and if it helps you to have a reward to work towards you should do that too. ?Like, I'll do two boxes in this room and then I get to watch X amount of tv.

    Or you can set goals of working for a set amount of time and then a break.?

    Do you have any friends that are willing to come over and keep you company while you unpack? ?They dont have to help but just having someone there might help keep you on track.?

    Having a get together planned always makes us clean and unpack a lot faster because ?we'd be horrified if anyone saw our place in the state it's usually in so we rush to clean before the event. ?Maybe that'll work for you?

  • Haha that would be great. Only we moved 600 miles away from everyone we know...

    I have planned DH's Holiday Party for work to be on Dec 7. I think the problem is I know that I have that long before everything has to be done!!! AHHHHHHHH

  • I would focus one room at a time.  That is what we had to do.  It just gets overwhelming.
  • I was going to say that if you sent out invitations for a housewarming, that would definitely motivate you!  You said you don't know anybody but DH is inviting people over, so I'm not sure...?

    Other than that, try to get out a little, maybe go window shop.  I know when I was home unemployed and supposed to do stuff around the house I felt so miserable all I wanted to do was lounge around.  Maybe go toodle around TJ Maxx after a morning of unpacking?

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