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What is your workout schedule?

Do you make a schedule for yourself?  Please share your weekly workout schedule.  Trying to get ideas.  Thanks.
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Re: What is your workout schedule?

  • I don't have a firm schedule per se, but I like to do a pilates class and a yoga class each week. I also try to do 1 or 2 sessions of cardio each week- right now it's biking since the weather is nice, but in the winter it was the elliptical. And I also mix in some circuit training videos that I can do at home. I think the key is to make sure to incorporate strength exercises, cardio and flexibility/stretching exercises. Hope this helps!
  • Sunday- 9:00 am spin class (1 hour long)
    Monday- 6:00 am Boot Camp class (45 minutes)
    Tuesday- I will either skip this day, or just head to the gym and do some cardio for an hour after work.
    Wednesday- 6:00 am power pump class (45 minutes) AND a 5:45 pm spin class (45 minutes)
    Thursday- rest day
    Friday- about an hour of cardio after work if I feel up to it
    Saturday- rest day (because I am just too busy on saturday to go to the gym!!)
  • M: Run (training for a half), yoga, BodyPump

    Tu: Cycle, BodyCombat

    We: Step, Run, yoga, BodyPump

    Th: Cycle, BodyCombat, yoga

    Fr: Cycle, BodyPump, run, yoga

    Sa: Yoga, run, BodyCombat

    Sun: Rest
  • I prefer Morning 5 Am to 7AM
  • Monday-Zumba

    My body canny handle strenuous workouts all the time, so4 days a week works best for me. I try to eat healthy as well, but make Fridays my "cheat" day. It's our date night, and we usually go out to dinner. I try not to make it too crazy of an eating day though, just not as consumed by calories.

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  • I am on day 10 of the insanity workout.  Sunday is the weekly day off from it.  Each workout is around 40 minutes and my job is work at home, so I do it each day during my lunch break.  If I don't set aside the same time each day, it is so easy to skip it.
  • I dont follow a strict schedule, but I try to make sure I am physically active 5 days a week. 
    I'm training for a marathon, so I typically run 3-4 times a week.
    Otherwise, I do circuit training the other days.
  • I am training for a half marathon right now and so my training schedule is flexible but generally goes like this:

    M: Walk 3 miles w/ dog
    T: 3.5 mi run
    W: 5 mi run
    Th: 4 mile run
    Fr: Cross Training Day! (ie Hiking, Paddleboarding, Yoga, etc.)
    Sa: 4 mile run
    Sunday: Long Run day!!

    In the winter, I tend to swap 2 running days for Spin and I drop the long run.  Every day I do a 5 minute abs circuit and I will swap a shorter run day for a 40 minute Kettlebell/ body weight workout if my feet need a break from running.
  • I do 3 days on - 1 day off - mix up the type of exercise as I see fit depending on time, weather and mood. My favorites are Zumba, running and spinning, but I throw a weights day in every now and then or a swim day, or just a active play day with my daughter. I think mixing up the type of workout you do keeps you from getting burned out on one thing. I aim for at least 30 min of continuous effort, but from what I have heard if you are in a time crunch 20 min is OK as well, but really anything is better than nothing :)
  • I don't follow a particularly rigid schedule, but I do aim to work out 5-6 days per week. I typically make Sundays my rest day as it's the day I want to be out and doing fun things or be a bum all day.

    I try to plan my workouts based on daily schedules.. if I have plans after work (when I prefer to work out) I'll get up early to do it in the morning.
  • Sunday- rest day

    Monday- Run at work,Yoga at the gym

    Tuesday- Zumba

    Wednesday- Zumba

    Thursday- Run at work, Yoga at the gym

    Friday- Walk

    Saturday- Body Sculpt


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  • I've worked myself up to pilates class 3x/week plus all the walking in my normal life (40 min walking commute, etc).

    I've found I enjoy exercise in the morning before work the most. It gives me energy and puts me in a good headspace to conquer the day. Lately I've been doing Tues, Fri, Sun. I'm getting stronger so I'll probably aim for 4x by the end of the year.
  • Merlin555Merlin555 member
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    My daily workout plan contains a regular cardio and yoga exercises.
    I spend more then 1 hour at my daily workouts.
    My daily workouts are as follow:
    Running: 15 minutes,
    Jogging: 15 minutes,
    Push ups: 25,
    Pull ups: 25,
    Sits ups: 50,
    and Yoga : 30 minutes.  

  • Mon - off Tues - 30 min Jillian Michaels video Wed - Run 3m Thurs - 1h BodyPump class (+ 30 min elliptical sometimes) Fri - 30 min circuit training + 3m run Sat - off Sun - long run + 3 hours of belly dance classes
  • When I first started dieting, I did 45 minutes a day on the recumbent bike. Now I do about 30 minutes a day on the treadmill or the elliptical. I don't have as much time to work out as I used to, but I still try to go every day. I recommend working out first thing in the morning if you can. You're less likely to put it off if you do it right away.
  • Doing cardio in evening for three days and then doing heavy work out regime for three days and taking 1day off that’s Sunday.

  • I try to do 5 days a week of structured exercise. Usually HIIT, but some cardio, some reg strength, and a weekly yoga for flexibility, balance and mental wellness. My goal is 150min/week:
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  • Monday: Shoulders + Legs
    Tuesday: Chest+Back + Abs 
    Wednesday: Arms+ Legs 
    Thursday:Shoulders + Abs 
    Friday: Chest+Back + Legs 
    Saturday: Arms + Abs
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