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So I'm pondering the idea of taking the kids sometime in late 2014 or early 2015. I haven't gone since Aiden was 4. We went in February and stayed at the Polynesian. My grandparents had paid for the entire trip so I didn't really have a clue how much it was to stay there. After researching it a bit, it looks like the hotels on the monorail are way out of budget. I know we won't be spending a ton of time in the room, but I do think we will probably just do a pool day to give the kids (and us) a break. So does anyone have any recommendations for cheap hotels with decent pool areas? And what time of year to go? I was thinking October but I wasn't sure if there was a better time of year. 
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Re: Disney

  • Paging Janet! Honorary Disney Princess Janet .... :)
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  • My SIL lives near there and they have annual passes.  They go once every few minutes and try out differedf hotels.  She loves the All Star resorts. Since it is a Disney hotel, you get extras like extended park hours. I believe she said rates are $150-$200 depending on when you go.  She will not go around Christmas or Thanksgiving.  Said its cool, but too crazy. 


  • If you do go in November it is decorated for Christmas already and is beautiful.  The castle has icicles on it and is so pretty.  I've only been there as a kid/teenager so I don't have any experience paying for things.  I was there for a work conference last year and saw the castle....just thought I'd share. 

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  • I agree with the All Stars Resorts. They have a lot of extra bonus' that you wouldnt get staying somewhere else. If you subscribe to Mouse Ears, they send you an email every month with new specials and stuff like that. I shopped the h3ll out of our trip to get the best deals. We didnt stay on the Disney grounds because we used my parents timeshare, so we didnt get a lot of the extras, but we still had a great time. We have been discussing taking a long weekend and hitting Universal again.

    We went the first week of February and we will absolutely take that week again. Its historically the lowest attendance week of the year. We did Fast Pass on a few things, but most things we were able to walk right onto.

    If your dates are flexable, look into Frontier Flights from New Castle County Airport. No traffic or parking fees of Philly and super close to home.

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    Paging Janet! Honorary Disney Princess Janet .... :)

    LOL!  Love it!

    I 100% endorse staying on Disney property!  And not just because I'm brainwashed, haha.  Like the others said, there are lots of perks that you get to take advantage of (extra magic hours, free transportation).  And if you are thinking about using the dining plan you can only do so if you're staying in Disney.

    I'm sure you figured out from your research that they have different levels of resorts.  All of the ones on the monorail are what they call "deluxe" (aka expensive).  There are also "moderate" and "value" resorts.  Disney's newest value resort, Art of Animation, has been getting rave reviews from guests.  They have standard rooms and suites.  I believe the main pool there is the biggest one on property and it has zero-entry, which is (I'm told) good for little ones.  I think there's also a splash/water play area.  The downside is you have to take buses everywhere.  But that's pretty much the case for all moderates and values.

    Trying to figure out when to go can be tricky.  What's the most important factor for you?  Cost?  Crowd level?  Weather?

    I highly recommend checking out this website.  It's awesome!

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    Trying to figure out when to go can be tricky.  What's the most important factor for you?  Cost?  Crowd level?  Weather?

    I highly recommend checking out this website.  It's awesome!

    Thanks so much everyone. The Art of Animation is the top contender at this point, M is in love with Cars and I saw they have a suite for it that should be in our price range. I'm having a hard time deciding on when to shoot for. When we went in February I remember it being chilly, but nothing a hoodie couldn't fix. The kids didnt want to swim though because it wasn't warm enough, I think they used the pool once for like an hour. So I guess I'd prefer weather that's warm enough to lay out but not sweat to death at the park. I looked at the prices for the hotel and it looks to be the cheapest from oct-feb with the price not varying much except for holidays so that doesn't seem to be a huge factor. Crowds, I'd prefer not to go during a super busy time, so I'm leery about October because it seems that a lot of people go for the Halloween party thing during that month.  Thanks for the link, I'm bookmarking it. 

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