January 2012 Weddings
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Sister wives

Re: Sister wives

  • I was obsessed. I found the lifestyle odd but fascinating.
  • I watched it on Netflix and we don't have cable. :( 
  • The new season just started. I feel like they whine a lot this season. How was your day?

  • Pretty good. Long just because I didn't have plans. I made one of my favorite desserts thanks to you mentioning it this morning. I am anxious tonight though. How about you?
  • I didn't do much today either. My cramps are killing me today so I just laid around. My bars weren't great. Sad. What did you make?

  • It's called blueberry yum yum. My mom used to make it when I was young. It is a yummy pecan crust with cream cheese/ cool whip layer topped with this yummy blueberry cobbler. It's kind of like cheese cake but better.
  • That sounds tasty!  Did a lot of people show on Friday night?

  • It was a nice size. I think about 15 of my brides and clients came. About 8 stylists stayed in the beginning and had a product knowledge class. I was happy with the size since it was my first one. 
  • exciting.  So do you own Cashmere? or just work there?

  • I always thought my mom made up that dessert but sure enough I found a recipe that is identical online. 


  • image jjbmstinco:
    exciting.  So do you own Cashmere? or just work there?

     I booth rent from cashmere. I am a business from within a business. I begged our owner to bring in this make up line so I feel accountable for making it successful.  

  • I love mineral makeup.  I just bare minerals but its so expensive.

  • If you ever need anything let me know. I can get Mirabella at cost which is 50% off retail price. Mac 30% off. Items are usually $8-12. 
  • I  have no idea what Mirabella is.  I know MAC but I don't think I have ever been in the store. I was running low on a color. Then I ordered something on Sephora and I did not order bare minerals but when the package arrived there it was with my color.  I should wear make up more.  Maybe it would help me look more adult.

  • Make up is over rated. I am a naturalist. I think put in just a bit to bring out features or cover something up is the best way. If you do to much you don't look like yourself. I wear it only because it is kind of like my dress code. On days off I only do mascara.  
  • Generally that's all I do too but I feel prettier when I wear make up.  I wish I cared enough to get up early and look good in the morning. I am sure its hard to be a stylist because you have to look the part even when you don't feel like it.

  • Did you ever get your new computer?
  • LOVE the show! I agree there is some whiney-ness going on but I gotta give them credit for finding a way to make it work!
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    Daisypath - (30fE)

  • image aleigha85:
    Did you ever get your new computer?

    Not yet... I am hoping next week.  I am really excited. I have been using my ipad from work and hate it.

  • I watch it too. I like it because it's interesting to see how they make their lifestyle work.

    Married the love of my life on 1-21-12. Our princess arrived on 5-28-13.
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