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How are you?

How is everyone doing?  Nothing new here.  We bought a new couch so its more redecorating again. [:P]  We moved the old furniture downstairs in the 2nd living area.  We are grilling tonight for dinner and tomorrow I will probably do the same things.

We finally made some adult decisions in our life. 1. we are going to buy out my leased Honda civic.  We thought about upgrading to the CR-V but I just don't think we can justify the payments.  Also we picked out bathroom flooring and will be starting that soon.

YAY us.

Re: How are you?

  • Aww yay! That sounds so fun! I have a honda civic. Love it. Paying off/buying out a car is so satisfying. We paid off Jared's prius earlier this year. Such a good feeling.

    I'm doing good! Last weekend in Seattle with Jared. We're going out to dinner tonight with his mentor at Amazon and his girlfriend, then watching a parade downtown. Unfortunately, I have a UTI (darn those), but luckily Kaiser has good enough "on call advice nurses" that they'll just send antibiotics to a pharmacy up here for me to pick up within two hours without an appointment. Could be worse :)

    Grilling tonight sounds gooood. What are you grilling?
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  • That sounds like a nice evening other than the UTI.  Sad about leaving Seattle.  It will be hard, but I know you guys can do it.  We are grilling burgers and brats.  I also love the Honda Civic.  I just thought the CR-V because it was bigger for when we have kids.

  • The CR-V is adorable :) Throw on an extra burger for me! Any big plans for the rest of your weekend?
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  • cleaning and redecorating.  I live a very exciting live. 

    I am trying to figure out why FF took my O line away. 

    You should come visit me in CO. I will take you to Aleigha's salon and we could get pampered.

  • I am thinking about baking some lemon bars for J's co workers too.  Just cause I can.

  • Yuuuuuum. From scratch?
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  • of course. Smile

  • There is nothing on TV.  booo

  • I wish I was living your lives. I miss Seattle a lot and paying off cars doesn't sound bad either. The lemon bars sound the best! 

     I had an extremely busy day at work. It's nice because it is keeping my mind occupied during the day. In the morning I have been sad and tearful and at night angry. I hate to be on here and sound negative but you guys were the only friends I told about the pregnancy. I had a glass of wine and felt extremely guilty. I just wish I could forget about the past nine weeks. :( 

  • I've been up since about 5:30 this morning.  Packed up the car and the truck.  Parents showed up and we left the house around 8:15 with a convoy of 4 vehicles headed to Richmond (my Camaro with Joy and I, my Impala with my mom, the truck with my brother, and my dad's truck with my dad).  The truck my brother gave me made it about half way and died.  No idea what happened to it.  We swapped the contents of the two trucks and left my truck.  Took possession of the new apartment (sorry, didn't think to take pictures).  I swear signing for my house was less painful.  Sorta set up the apartment and headed back for the house.  Stopped in Williamsburg to have dinner with friends.  Finally made it home around 9.

    My parents and brother went home for my brothers truck and they headed off with a tow trailer to pick up the truck.  Haven't heard from them about getting home yet.

    Tomorrow I'm heading up to Chantilly.  Will be spending two nights in the DC area.  Don't think anybody on here is close....:(

    Also plunked money down on new carpeting to help sell the house.  Feel like I'm financially bleeding here. :(

    Anybody bored yet? Stick out tongue

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  • Thinking about you both!!!!

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