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I just saw on FB that J's brother is having kid #2. This is how I feel so I know it might not be right but whatever... 1. while he is a good dad, he isn't even with his baby mama. They are on and off again. 2. He lives with J's stepmom and dad. They do everything for him including laundry. 3. J;s step mom takes care of him all the time. She isn't doing much so this is just me being a bitter betty about them getting free daycare. I am sure I am just sour about it because J is the step child and treated like it. Example: this past Christmas, we had dinner at their house and everyone was around the table, we had to sit on the couch because there was no room for "us" I am also jealous because I am so tired of being responsible Thanks for listening! You can tell me to suck it up and put on my big girl panties.

Re: Rant

  • No, I totally get it. I'm a total bitter betty about situations like that. It's tough seeing others be irresponsible and get something that you want while you try so hard to do things the right way. I get the same way seeing my J's siblings. Because they slack, don't get jobs, etc, his mom pays for everything. Taking care of them and their kids and basically enabling them. Also with all those classmates I had in middle school and high school who are now pregnant with their second already? And as far as getting jealous because of being so tired of being responsible...I have said those exact words more than once.

    The payout for your and my responsibility has to come eventually  :)

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  • This is exactly what I say to T all the time. I tell him "Being the responsible one sucks sometimes." or something to that effect. I totally understand. I could go on and on and on about T's siblings and my sister who are being enabled by parents.

    I agree with the above...the payout will come eventually. And it'll be awesome = )

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  • Totally agree with you. It is actually some of the reason that my family doesn't talk anymore... 

    Ready for this one- Girl a year younger than me that I used to dance with I saw today. She was on her way into the OBGYN with number 3! Had a HOLY F&## moment there.  

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