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is this strange?

So the guys are here yesterday to replaster our pool.  Late morning, the guy comes to the door and asks DH if we have any cold water.  So DH fills up a gallon pitcher with water and ice and takes it to then with cups.  Later DH goes out to check on things and the guy then asks for cold sodas.  Umm...what?   DH said he was kind of put off for a second.  He said no, but offered to make lemonade.  Seemed weird to me.


Re: is this strange?

  • Yes, very.  They should have their own drinks, esp if their job is working outside.  My dad always had a cooler of water, etc.  And soda isn't cheap! 

    Eliza Mae - September 16th, 2014

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  • Definitely strange...
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  • Strange for sure!
  • Was it Sylvan Pools? My mom had her pool put in last summer from them and nothing surprises me anymore from their workers.
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  • That is definitely strange!  Why did the pool need to be re-plastered?
  • image beeebster:
    That is definitely strange!  Why did the pool need to be re-plastered?

    It was awful.  The plaster was a gray base, but they didn't apply it correctly so it was covered  with white patches.  We had some lines around the edges that looked like cracks.  They claim that was because it was windy.  And on the sun shelf, the crew left a piddle of water so it left a huge stain on the shelf when it dried.  since it was hours before the water got go that point.

    How is your moms pool going?


  • They messed up plastering hers too. There was a spot in the shallow end that they had to come out and re do as well as the sun shelf. I was there when they showed up to fix it. They said they would come on a Monday, instead they showed up on a Saturday while we were all using it. Took them all day to fix and they were actually swimming laps and joking around while they were doing it. With their dirty nasty sweaty clothes on. Anyways, the patch work that they did looks horrible, it doesn't match the existing plaster. My step dad flipped on them and now they are going to replaster the entire pool after summer is over. 
    A: 10.02.03    M: 01.28.11
  • image klm42404:

     How is your moms pool going?

    It's going good!  They did the tile today, it should be done the first week of August. 

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