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Manic Monday

Weekend highs:

Weekend lows:

Eliza Mae - September 16th, 2014

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Re: Manic Monday

  • Weekend highs: went to the dragstrip and watched my cousins race.  Got to read a good bit, and got a lot done around the house.

    Weekend lows: too short and too hot

    Eliza Mae - September 16th, 2014

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  • Weekend highs: I spent a lot of time with my boys. And we have two people scheduled to look at the condo this week.

    Weekend lows: H got laid off again. Another call was made too early. I'm getting so frustrated with this game. It's really upsetting me and I know it's upsetting him. This is really putting a damper on our moving plans as well.

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  • Highs, Had fun at the concert with my mom, aunt and sister. It was was nice to get away for 24 hours. I need to do it more often instead of once every 6 months. My dad also called and offered to send us some cash as an anniversay gift so Greg and I can have a nice night out alone because our first wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks. It will help out a lot because I spent more than I anticipated this weekend.

    Lows, I was exhausted on Saturday because I hate sleeping in hotel rooms and was up half the night. I napped all day.

    Sunday, I finally got everyone ready and over to my grandparents to swim, only for it to start thundering 15 minutes after we got in the pool.

    Today, I got woken up by my grandmother to ask of I could watch my THIRTEEN year old cousin while she goes to an appointment today. I don't mind watching her but they always ask me right before they have to leave the house. I'd at least appreciate an hours notice. Not to mention she freaking woke me up to ask. Can anyone tell I am not a happy person in the morning?
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  • Highs - Sleeping in my own bed again and seeing the kitty!

    Low - When we debarked (side note - I always thought it was disembarked) we had to do this express walk off thing because our flight time was so "early."  So we had to get up super early and grab a quick breakfast from the limited buffet instead of being able to sit down in the dining room.  Yeah, we ended up sitting in the airport for 3 hours.  Pretty sure we could have sleep a little longer.

  • Highs: A very low key weekend.  We went to the grocery store and DH had to log into work Saturday night, but that was all that had to be done.

    Lows: My parents and sister were in Indiana for my cousins' 40th birthday party.  I'm bummed not to see everyone, but we couldnt since DH  had to work and honestly I wasn't up to driving 14 hours.


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