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Oh No!! Used old paint!

My husband and I just bought our first home together!  We love all of the colors of the walls in each of the rooms and we don't want to change a thing.  The previous owners left marks on the walls (i.e. filled in holes from pictures and decor) and all we wanted to do was paint over those spots.  We sanded and used the paint the previous owners left us.  After painting, we realized something was wrong with the was old!  Now we have spots on our walls that do NOT match the original paint.  Is there any way to get rid of this paint and not hurt the good paint underneath?  We really really REALLY do not want to repaint all of the walls.  Please help!  Thanks so much! :)



Newlyweds with a New Home

Re: Oh No!! Used old paint!

  • It has practically nothing to do with the age of the paint in the can. Touch-ups will never match. The paint on the walls has been aging from light and air and everything else. So unfortunately, yup, you have to repaint. You can always repaint the same color, though. In the future, try a magic eraser first. Congrats on the new home!
  • I agree with the prior poster, any paint job more than a year or two old will not match to the exact same color later. Smoking, cooking, use, and age make paint colors change over time.

    If you like the color, take the paint can with the sticker on the top to the store where they purchased it and you can get more in that lighter color. Depending on where you touched up, you might be able to put pictures there to cover the different paint? If it's about a foot above the floor though, won't work, LOL.

    Good luck. Sorry, not good news.

  • Home Depot can do a color-match for you. Carefully cut out a piece of the paint from the wall (not the paint you recently used) and take it to Home Depot and they will match it. Sometimes they can get a 100% match. Make sure you cut a sample that is at least the size of a quarter.

    We did this to touch up the ceilings in our new house and you can't tell where the original paint ends and the new paint begins.

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