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  • Local non-pasteurized honey does help.  However, I don't have any insight into medications.
    Where there is love, there is life.-Ghandi
  • When it comes to allergies- I think I have tried it all. Mine started when I was in 4th grade and got worse every year. I've done shots, every med you can think of, home remedies, etc. Mine are so bad in some seasons that I can't even eat fruit from the same families as the pollens I am allergic to without having a reaction. It sucks because I love the outdoors and would love to go camping with DH but even the thought gives me a sinus headache. When you move to any new area, there are different pollens that mean different allergies, also every season has it's own set of problem pollens, so even if you didn't move far, you could still notice a change.


    Medications- for itchy or red eyes, I recommend Red Eyes. For watery eyes, try something like Real Tears- it's not medicated, but it is a lubricant for your eyes. I know that sounds counter productive, but your eyes are watering because they are so dried out they are over compensating. For runny nose, try sudafed, or claritin (sudafed is a lot cheaper but claritin is stronger). They both dry you out. I think Allegra is still prescription, but that works well also.


    For natural remedies- Local raw honey does help because it contains pollens from the area and helps your immunity build up. Breathing in the steam from apple cider vinegar, or drinking it directly (it smells and tastes awful) will help decongest, but it sounds like your issue is more on the runny side.


    Other things to consider- you can always go to your pcp and ask to be tested, most big cities will do a blood test, some to a back scratch test (I recommend blood work). Your pcp would refer you to an allergist, many have one that works in the office. After you are tested, they can determine if you qualify for allergy shots- usually 1-2 shots once a week, feels like a mosquito bite, itches like crazy, but builds up your immunity and you will see results over time. Some places also recommend B12 injections or supplements as a way to boost immunity. Also, do you get your yearly flu shot? I have noticed a significant decrease in symptoms ever since I started getting mine- to the point that I no longer have to take meds on a daily basis. Also, if the watery eyes are not helped with drops, consider seeing an opthomologist, it could be something more serious like a clogged tear duct that needs to be cleared out.



    Good luck, allergies suck!

  • 1. About every 5 years your body goes through changes. I know some people who have developed lactose allergies after age 20.

    2./3. The best thing you can do is "eat" your medicine. Start with local honey. Amp up your diet with some super foods or supplement that contains them ( like Shakeology) and local is better, or even home grown. This will help your system start repair itself. Until then, OTC should get you feeling better. 

  • I had not allergies until I hit 32 or so.  Now, they are extremely severe.  The ONLY thing that helps at all (especially this year with such high pollen counts) is rx Clarinex and Flonase. Even with that, there are days I cannot leave the house.
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