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Pressure both ways? (Vent)

The husband and I don't really want kids for probably another 5 years, but we just bought a house...with lots of bedrooms.  You can imagine that this has raised a few eyebrows.

 I'm pretty sure my parents are beyond ready for grandkids, but they haven't been too bad in terms of laying on the pressure.  My SIL has been very vocal about the fact that she wants us to have kids.  She has two children under the age of 3 and she wants them to have cousins in the same age range.  And since everyone on that side of the family is done having kids we are her last hope.  I'm surprisingly not all that bothered by it.  

What does bug me though is something I wasn't expecting.   My older sisters have been quite insistent that I don't have kids in the immediate future.  They have even occasionally told me that I am 'not allowed'.  Honestly, I think it has to do with the fact that neither of them have really settled down yet, and they want to make it to the kids milestone before their little sister.  I know it's childish, but whenever they say something like that I just want to be like "Eff you, I'm going to go have quintuplets right now".  I don't even want kids anytime soon!  I'm essentially getting annoyed at them for agreeing with me.  

Has anyone else ever reached this level of crazy? 

Re: Pressure both ways? (Vent)

  • I think it's annoying any time people try to tell others how to live their lives . . . even if it's family (maybe especially if it's family).
  • its incredibly annoying to have people, i agree especially family, tell you how to live your life whether they agree or dont agree with you. I can understand where you are coming from.

    My husband and I arent even sure we want children. Our 3 y

  • srgwsrgw member
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    My dad just mentioned this past weekend that he wants more grandkids before he gets too old to enjoy them. This comment was pointed at me. FWIW, he has 3 grandkids right now and I have 4 older sisters.

    I just rolled with the punches and told him

  • Like pp's, what I find most infuriating about this is that other people are trying to control a very important aspect of your life and marriage.  It's a very big deal to bring a baby into the world, and you should do it when you're ready, as soon or
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  • I understand. All my siblings (outside of 1 other sister) have kids. I have been married 7 years and still no kids. My sister is talking about trying at the end of this year and she made the comment that we shouldn't try to steal their thunder and get

  • Wow that is nuts.  

    I can't even begin to understand how family members even BEGIN to think that they can dictate when you do something as important as have kids.  They are out of their minds.  

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